5 Useful Ways to Optimize Amazon Product Images


Amazon offers a great platform for both buyers and sellers. Over the years, it has become a humongous marketplace where there are 2.4 million active sellers worldwide.

As the number of sellers are skyrocketing in Amazon so is the competition to get recognized. Businesses find it difficult to optimize their products due to raising competition. However, with expert amazon product photography you can overcome this challenge to a great extent.

Today, we are here to discuss a few useful ways in which you can optimize Amazon product images and increase revenue. Keep reading till the end to find out all about it.

  1.   To follow the standard Amazon image requirement guidelines

You have to abide by the standard Amazon image guidelines when you are first developing product pages on the platform or are updating current listing. The technical requirements are also needed to be met if you want your products as well as the product images to be enlisted.

The below set of image guidelines that needs to be followed are –

Image Size – The product images for Amazon should be at least 1600 pixels on the longest side and 1000 pixels tall or wide. Images over 10,000 pixels on the longest side are not allowed.

Image Frame – The product images should cover 85 percent or more of the frame.

Image File Format – JPEG image format is preferred. Aside from that, users can upload product images in PNG, GIF or TIFF files as well.

Background Color – Pure white background for all images.

Color Mode – CMYK and sRGB color mode are accepted.

File Name – The file name of the images must include product identifier.

Amazon allows up to 8 listing images to be uploaded that include one main product image and other seven supporting images.

  1.   Comply to Amazon’s guidelines for high-quality product images

If you wish to receive more clicks on your products and up your sale then you have to adhere to the standards of uploading high-quality product images. The image quality guidelines for Amazon includes the following –

Use of real product images – The image of the product should be the actual product itself. In the case of music or books, the cover art needs to be uploaded. Sketches, drawings or cover art illustrations are not accepted.

Aim for high-quality images – Keep a note that the product images uploaded are not poor quality. Always aim for high resolution images.

Keep it simple – Don’t add anything distracting in the image other than the product itself. Adding any other element may look like your product to be secondary to the buyer. Therefore, keep things simple for amazon product photography.

Be appropriate – Any offensive or pornographic message is strictly prohibited on Amazon and therefore, you need to ensure no such risqué item is not featured by chance on shot.

  1.   Make use of a bunch of product images

Amazon allows up to eight product images to be uploaded and use that slot to your benefit. By uploading proper images of your product from every angle, you’ll be offering maximum information and details to the customers.

Therefore, letting the customers know about your product in a better way rather than leaving to their imagination. This not only up your chances of selling the product but also reduces the scope of product returns.

Since customers are already getting a good look at what they are purchasing. So, the next time you are taking product images for amazon, make sure to take images from every angle.

  1.   Include relevant and important information with the images

You can also provide information to the customers with your product images. For example, if the product comes in a multi-pack set then upload an image of the product in a set so that customers get an idea when they are purchasing, they’ll be receiving a set rather than a single piece.

Product images don’t just talk about the brand itself but also indicate the actuality of the things that are offered with the order. Customers have a proper idea of what they are placing orders for if you include informative and relevant product images on Amazon.

This also reduces any confusion among consumers and helps them make better buying decisions.

  1.   Designate priority image on the product pages

Even though Amazon enables customers to upload eight images among which one can be categorized as the main product image, it depends upon you in which order you enlist the images.

Additionally, it is to your benefit to utilize all the available eight slots for product images instead of uploading just two or three product images. Once you are done uploading all eight images, now it’s time to prioritize the images.

Make sure to prioritize in a sequential order so that customers get continuity of images. Prioritizing the images also ensures how they appear on Amazon’s product page platform.


Amazon product photography guidelines need to be adhered to in order to gain optimization. Other than that, the above enumerated steps will help you gain more clicks on your product.

The trick to nail amazon product photography may sound tough, however, by following the above enumerated ways you can optimize your Amazon product images. There are several professional experts available that help customers in taking appropriate Amazon product images.

Make sure to do your fair share of research before you hire any product photography services for Amazon. After all, the product images play immense value in the sale of your products.


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