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Have you seen this news about a terrible car accident? What is the impact of such a terrible accident on the victims’ families? Today’s topic is about the terrible car accident that occurred in the United States.

Viewers are shocked and searching for Car Wheeling accident details. Let’s examine the details.

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Several teenagers were killed in an accident in the northwest suburb of Wheeling on Tuesday night. The accident occurred at Dundee Road and Schoenbeck Road around 10:19 p.m.

There were four deaths in the collision, according to Wheeling Police. Three other victims were injured and transported to nearby hospitals. All three of these victims were riding in the same Ford Explorer. Jesus Rodriguez, Ricky Barcenas, and Richard De-Ita were killed. Kevin R. Hernandez-Teran was also killed.

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The sister of one victim witnessed a fatal multi-vehicle accident that took the lives of four Buffalo Grove High School students in a suburban area of northwest Chicago. Her brother was among the victims. Angelina Gomez claimed that I was behind the four victims, including Jesus Rodriguez.

Wheeling Police Department reports a major accident involving three vehicles at the intersection of Dundee Road and Schoenbeck Road at 10:19 pm. Authorities say seven people were rescued and transported to hospitals.

Why did the Wheeling car crash happen today?

As a result of the initial investigation, authorities determined that Richard was speeding and avoiding traffic signals was the primary cause of the accident. As Gomez remembered, Richard thought he would be able to beat the red light. The car behind Richard spun and hit him, causing his gearbox to explode.

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Rodriguez’s sister Angie Rodriguez made this statement about the Car Wheeling Accident.

In Wheeling, their family claimed that the teens were returning after an evening out. Angie Rodriguez, who was driving behind them in the car, rode shotgun. She claimed that they had stopped at her workplace on the way home.

When the gearbox burst, she ran off. She shouted his name and printed as she exited my car, but Angie claims it was too dark for a reply. She got into the wrong car, trying to find him. The car had been destroyed, and she saw her friends inside the trunk. Four students were killed in the Car Wheeling Accident, which was a terrible accident.

In a car accident on Wednesday, Barcenas, a junior honor student with a GPA of 3.9, died. He had played football at Buffalo Grove and studied engineering in college. There were four primary occupants, aged 16-18, who tragically died on Wednesday. The district reported that four Buffalo Grove High School students have been confirmed dead, while one is still hospitalized.

Summary –

Wheeling Police Department can be reached at 847-459-2632 for questions about the collision. No further details will be released to respect the people involved.

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