Cheekbone correction with fillers!


Get the face contour you’ve at all times dreamed of with out surgical procedure! Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid mean you can improve, elevate the cheekbones or modify their form. No surgical procedure, simply painless injections.

This common process doesn’t require rehabilitation, is properly tolerated, and fits virtually each affected person. Girls get the chance to amass the mandatory quantity and expressiveness of the face, and all that is facial contouring with hyaluronic acid.

Options of the process


Correction of the cheekbones with hyaluronic acid is carried out by an invasive technique. With particular syringes, the substance is injected below the pores and skin with skinny needles, which minimizes mechanical harm to the pores and skin. Therapeutic lasts as much as 7 days, and the impact of hyaluronic acid is straight away seen.


Such a process is proven to virtually any individual, no matter gender and age, who has issues with lack of tone within the cheekbones or a scarcity of sentimental tissues, and who additionally desires to partially change the form of the face.

Phases of the process

Cosmetic surgery of the cheekbones with fillers doesn’t require preliminary preparation, however 7 days earlier than the session, it is strongly recommended to cease taking blood-thinning medicine, and different beauty procedures which have an aggressive impact on the pores and skin of the face also needs to be deserted.

Modeling the cheekbones with fillers takes about an hour. Earlier than contouring, the specialist performs a superficial cleaning of the face, removes filth and sebum, treats the pores and skin floor with antiseptics, performs native anesthesia, and makes markings.


Fillers with hyaluronic acid are contained in syringes, in small doses, which the physician injects with injections below the affected person’s pores and skin. The drug is run pointwise, after injection it’s distributed with a light-weight therapeutic massage.

Take note of how the process is carried out. Earlier than injections, the specialist is obliged to exhibit the packaging with fillers, to point out that they’re hermetically sealed. Fillers are opened solely within the presence of the affected person! If this isn’t the case, be at liberty to desert the process. This may prevent from issues and negative effects.

Fillers within the cheekbone

To ensure that the cheekbones to have the mandatory quantity, particular preparations primarily based on hyaluronic acid (HA), that are referred to as fillers, are used. Hyaluronic acid within the cheekbone is a fully protected process since hyaluronic acid is a pure substance within the human physique. By the age of 25, it’s produced in ample portions within the physique, offering elasticity, cleanliness, and firmness to the pores and skin. With age, the focus decreases, which results in growing old. That’s the reason any HA procedures can’t be in contrast with chemical publicity, cosmetologists merely introduce into our physique what it already has, however in inadequate portions.

Cheekbone correction augmentation with fillers performs two duties directly – in actual fact, the correction of the form of the cheekbones, in addition to a rejuvenating and regenerative impact. Because of this, you get dream cheekbones and wholesome, toned pores and skin.

HA fillers are made on the premise of artificial or animal hyaluronic acid, which is properly tolerated by the human physique, after which dissolves and doesn’t accumulate. Throughout publicity, HA fills the voids below the pores and skin, attracting water molecules, thereby moisturizing and nourishing the pores and skin. Because of this, collagen synthesis improves, regenerative and rejuvenating processes are launched, pores and skin tone and complexion enhance, to not point out the contour – you’ll discover the distinction and be pleasantly stunned by the consequence. Cheekbone augmentation with a filler is carried out utilizing medicine of elevated focus, this helps to lengthen the impact and preserve a constructive impact from the within longer.


You ought to be informed about contraindications by the physician with whom you determined to do cheekbone modeling with fillers. It’s unimaginable to carry out contour cosmetic surgery when:

  • being pregnant and lactation;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • lowered immunity;
  • throughout the interval of exacerbation of persistent illnesses;
  • after a latest sickness (ORV, sore throat, chilly) – let the physique recuperate for 14 days;
  • particular person intolerance to the parts;
  • the presence of oncology, even in historical past;
  • irritation, scratches, and redness on the face.

The process can be not advisable for shoppers with delicate pores and skin, as a result of as a result of peculiarities of the physiology, the rehabilitation interval could also be delayed, and scars will stay on the injection websites. Earlier than making a call on the advisability of contouring, it is best to seek the advice of with a specialist.

Impact period

Sufferers can consider the primary consequence throughout the process. A rise within the cheekbones with fillers seems instantly – the cheekbones change into extra pronounced, the nasolabial folds are smoothed out, and the pores and skin is tightened. Because of this, not solely the contour of the face is reworked, however your complete face as a complete.

Simulation of the cheekbones with fillers begins with injections and ends manually. The specialist will manually distribute the fabric below the pores and skin alongside predetermined strains, forming clear and exquisite cheekbones.

Inside 6 months after the process, the situation of the pores and skin will enhance, the cumulative impact of lifting might be manifested, and the achieved consequence might be preserved even with out corrections. As for the cheekbones, all of it is dependent upon which filler was used. On common, the impact lasts as much as 2 years, then the correction might be obligatory.


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