Delhi CM’s ‘behaviour’ with cops | Ex-IPS officers write to Prez 2022


Thirty upon the market police officials on Tuesday authored to President Droupadi Murmu complaining about Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s “distasteful and inconsiderate” remarks against policemen in Gujarat even while the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) hit back saying the BJP was behind the letter.

The previous police officials, including upon the market Jammu and Kashmir DGP SP Vaid and upon the market Maharashtra DGP Praveen Dixit, reported Kejriwal’s September 12 trip to Ahmedabad within the run-to the Gujarat set up elections. The letter mentions an accidents involving Kejriwal’s decision to make use of trains and buses (auto rickshaw) to go to an autorickshaw driver’s house.

“Whilst partaking in campaigning activities in Gujarat, Mr. Kejriwal searched for to use trains and buses to go to your family of the rickshaw driver. Law enforcement officials which are enjoined using the duty of safeguarding the safety from the Chief Minister acceded for this request. To guarantee the requisite degree of security was maintained and also to prevent any untoward lapses within the Chief Minister’s safety, the concerned police official mentioned he would accompany the main Serve the place. However, as a result of law enforcement official’s prudent suggestion, Mr. Kejriwal guaranteed distasteful and inconsiderate remarks. These remarks have caused deep injuries towards the police pressure,” the letter stated.

Inside a video from the incident which was broadly shared around the social networking, Delhi CM’s ‘behaviour’ is heard telling a officer, “Your leaders don’t satisfy the people so citizens are unhappy together. We don’t would like your security. Go back. I’ve provided to you on paper that I don’t would like your security. I’m a public representative, that has become together with his people.…. You can’t arrest me.”

The Delhi chief minister was later permitted to go to the car driver’s house.

The AAP stated the Bharatiya Janata Party was seeking the aid of some upon the market police officials since it’s condition leaders happen to be “completely discredited”. Clearly, the BJP is behind this letter. BJP’s prospects within the forthcoming Gujarat elections are extremely bad. Their very own leaders lack any mass appeal and therefore are completely discredited. That is why the BJP has searched for the aid of some upon the market police officials. AAP is gaining ground tremendously and BJP is unaware regarding how to tackle AAP, and that’s why this type of letter continues to be written.”

The Delhi chief minister has Z-plus security accorded to him through the government. Z-plus may be the greatest degree of security provided to people who have a menace to their existence. Individuals with Z category securities have round-the-clock police protection with armed commandos, and therefore are assigned security through the condition police every time they travel outdoors their house condition.


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