Examples of a Strong Password 2022.


This short article explains the web site strong password along with a weak one. It offers tips and examples to make your password more powerful.

Types of Weak Passwords

Online hackers and computer intruders use automated software to submit countless guesses each minute to user accounts and try to get access. These power tools use lists of dictionary words to guess the password sequentially. Some tools add common symbols, figures, or signs which may be put into the password to really make it more difficult.

Never use “password” as the password. An unexpected number of individuals get this to mistake.

Dictionary hacking tools which use an British dictionary list locate fairly easily words for the reason that dictionary. When the simple word does not give use of a free account, the unit modifies the submission and tries other iterations of the identical word.

For instance, a Dictionary hacking tool would attempt these iterations from the word Dog:

  • Dog
  • Dogs
  • Dogcatcher
  • Dogcatchers
  • Dogberry
  • Dogberries
  • Dogma
  • Dogmatic
  • Dogmatized
  • Dog1
  • Dog2
  • Dog3
  • Dog4

Password-guessing tools submit hundreds or a large number of words each minute. If your password is anything near to a dictionary word, it’s incredibly insecure. Whenever a password doesn’t resemble any regular word patterns, it requires longer for that repetition tool to guess it.

Passwords with private information, just like your birthdate or home address, will also be easy targets for online hackers.

Steps to make Passwords Safer

To maintain your accounts secure, create a strong password that’s hard to guess and store it in an online password manager which means you will not forget. A strong password is much more resistant against guessing, therefore it is unlikely found in a brute pressure dictionary hack.

The easiest method to produce a secure password is to begin with an easy password and transform it into a complex one.

The table below shows types of an easy password that’s progressively made more complicated. The very first column lists simple words that are simple to remember and therefore are based in the dictionary. The 2nd column is really a modification from the first column. The final column shows the way the simple password is changed into one that’s harder to determine.

Weak Password Better Password Strong Password

  • kitty               1Kitty              1Ki77y
  • susan          Susan53            .Susan53
  • jellyfish       jelly22fish          jelly22fi$h
  • smellycat    sm3llycat           $m3llycat
  • allblacks      a11Blacks       a11Black$
  • usher         !usher               !ush3r
  • ebay44       ebay.44          &ebay.44

Here are a few types of password variations that intentionally stay away from complete British word patterns:

  • Dog.lov3r
  • dOG.lov3r
  • i7ovemydog!!
  • d0gsaremybestfr13nds
  • sn00pdoggyd0G
  • Karm@beatsDogm@
  • C@ts-and-Dogs-Living-together

By injecting figures and special figures rather of letters, these passwords take tremendously longer for any dictionary program to guess.

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