Find Your Location History on iPhone.


This short article explains how you can view where you are history using data collected through the Google Maps application in your iPhone or data out of your iPhone’s location services. iPhone instructions cover iOS 12 and then.

Activate Location Services for Google Maps

Before Google Maps can track where you are, you have to switch on Location Services around the iPhone. Google’s Maps application does not need to be launched around the iPhone to trace where you are, however it can’t work without location services being switched on after which activated for Google Maps.

  • Around the iPhone, tap Settings.
  • Tap Privacy, then switch on Location Services.
  • Scroll lower and choose Google Maps, then tap Always.
  • It’s not necessary to keep your Google Maps application open. Keep your iPhone along with you, and it’ll start tracking where you are.

View Tracking History in the search engines Maps

After activating Location Services, here is how to see your tracking iPhone location history within the Google Maps application:

  • Open Google Maps and tap your profile photo.
  • Tap Your computer data in Maps. Within the Google-wide controls section, select See & delete activity.
  • A roadmap opens which are more recent location history, showing your travel route and native landmarks or stops. The map is zoomable, so that you can enlarge it for details. Make use of the menu directly underneath the map to change with other dates. The facts from the history also appear underneath the map.
  • You might delete history in the timeline or delete your whole history in the database.
  • You may also view your Google Maps application location history on the desktop or notebook by visiting world wide

Apple iOS & iPhone Location History How-To

Apple also collects iphone location history data should you let it, however it provides less historic data and fewer detail. However, you can observe some history. Here is how you arrange it in your iPhone:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll lower and tap Privacy > Location Services.
  • Scroll to the foot of the place Services screen and tap System Services.
  • Tap Significant Locations (known as Frequent Locations in certain versions of iOS). You are able to turn this selection served by the toggle switch towards the top of the functional Locations screen.
  • Scroll to the foot of the screen to locate where you are history with location names and dates. Now you can see exactly what Apple sees.

Apple stores a restricted quantity of locations and does not provide precise travel tracks and timelines like Google. It possesses a place, to start dating ?, as well as an approximate position circle on the non-interactive (you cannot pinch-to-zoom it) map. If you do not want Apple to trace you, toggle off Significant Locations inside your iPhone’s Settings application.

How Location Services Work

Very few people realize that the place understanding of their portable devices and software reaches tracking and recording their whereabouts history, too. Within the situation of Google, should you opt-in, where you are history includes a detailed and searchable computer file having a visible trail, organized by time and date. Apple provides less information but keeps, and displays at the request, an eye on your lately visited places, with no detailed trail feature that Google offers.

Both Google and Apple provide these history files with assurances about privacy, and you may opt-out or, within the situation of Google, erase where you are history.

They are valuable services which help you as lengthy as you’ve opted into them. In certain situations, location history could play a huge role in legal or save situations.

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