How to Fix a 404 Page Not Found Error


A 404 error is definitely an HTTP status code this means that the page you had been attempting to achieve online could not be located on their own server.

To become obvious, the mistake signifies that although the server is reachable, the particular page showing the mistake isn’t.

404 Not Found error messages are often customized by individual websites. So, bear in mind the error might appear in about any way imaginable based on what website it’s proven from.

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The Way You Might Begin to see the 404 Error

Here are a few common ways that you may begin to see the HTTP 404 error displayed:

  • 404 Error
  • 404 Not Found
  • Error 404
  • The requested URL [URL] wasn’t available on this server
  • HTTP 404
  • Error 404 Not Found
  • 404 File or Directory Not Found
  • HTTP 404 Not Found
  • 404 Page Not Found
  • Error 404. The page you are searching for can not be found.

These error messages can be displayed in almost any browser or any operating-system. Most display within the browser window just like webpages do. 404 error

In Ie, the content The website can’t be found usually signifies an HTTP 404 error however a 400 Bad Request error is yet another possibility. You should check to determine what error IE is talking about by looking for either 404 or 400 within the title bar.

404 errors received when opening links via Microsoft ‘office’ applications produce a The Web site reports the item you requested couldn’t be located (HTTP/1. 404) message within the Microsoft Office program.

When Home windows Update produces one, it seems like a code 0x80244019 or because the message WU_E_PT_HTTP_STATUS_NOT_FOUND.

Reason for HTTP 404 Errors

Technically, a mistake 404 is really a client-side error, implying it’s your mistake, either since you typed the URL incorrectly or even the page continues to be moved or taken off the web site and you ought to have known.

Another possibility is that if an internet site has moved a webpage or resource but accomplished it without redirecting that old Hyperlink to the brand new one. When that occurs, you’ll get a 404 error rather to be instantly routed towards the new page.

Microsoft IIS web servers sometimes give more specific details about the reason for 404 Not Found errors by suffixing several following the 404, as with HTTP Error 404.3 – Not Found, meaning MIME type restriction.

How to Fix the 404 Not Found Error

1:49 Retry the site by pressing F5, clicking/tapping the refresh/reload button, or using the URL in the address bar again.

The 404 Not Found error may appear for many reasons despite the fact that no real issue exists, so a simple refresh will frequently load the page you had been searching for.

Look for errors within the URL. Frequently occasions this error seems since the URL was typed wrong or even the link which was selected suggests the incorrect URL.

Progress one directory level at any given time within the URL before you find something.

For instance, if world wide gave the 404 Not Found error, progress to world wide When you get nothing here (or perhaps an error), progress to world wide This will help you toward what you are searching for or at best make sure it’s really no longer available.

For those who have moved completely to the website’s webpage, attempt to operate a look for the data you are searching for. When the site does not possess a search function, try navigating towards the page you would like using category links to dig much deeper in to the site.

Look for the page from the popular internet search engine. It is possible that you just possess the entirely wrong URL by which situation a fast Google or Bing search is deserving of you where you need to go.

Should you come across the page you had been after, improve your bookmark or favorite to prevent the HTTP 404 error later on.

Obvious your browser’s cache for those who have any suggestion the 404 message could just be yours. For instance, if you’re able to achieve the URL out of your phone although not out of your tablet, clearing the cache in your tablet’s browser may help.

You could also consider clearing your browser’s cookies or at best the main one(s) associated with the web site under consideration if clearing the cache did not work.

Alter the DNS servers utilized by your pc, truly only when a whole web site is providing you with a 404 error, particularly if the web site is open to individuals on other systems (e.g., your cell phone network or perhaps a friend in another city).

404s with an entire website is not particularly common unless of course your ISP or government filters/censors websites. Regardless of reason, whether it does happen, giving another group of DNS servers a go is a great key to take. See our Free and Public DNS Servers List for many alternatives and directions on carrying this out.

Contact the web site directly. If they have removed the page you are after then your 404 error is totally legitimate plus they will be able to tell you just how. If they have moved the page and therefore are generating errors rather of redirecting people to the brand new page, they’ll gladly know what you think to allow them to go repair it.

If you think that everybody gets a 404 error with this site, but you are unsure, a fast check up on Twitter may help obvious up. All you need to do is search Twitter for #websitedown, as with #facebookdown or #youtubedown. Twitter users will be the first to begin speaking in regards to a website outage. Learn to know if an internet site is lower for everybody or simply you for many more help.

Finally, if everything else fails, wait. No, it isn’t fun, but it may be your main plan of action, particularly if you are confident the 404 error should not be happening (i.e., the page should be in the URL you’ve yet others are getting exactly the same problem and discover it equally strange).

You’ll find 404 errors by yourself website through tools like and ATOMSEO.

Errors Much like Error 404

Another client-side error messages associated with the 404 Not Found error include 400 Bad Request, 401 Unauthorized, 403 Forbidden, and 408 Request Timeout.

Several server-side HTTP status codes also exist, such as the popular 500 Internal Server Error. You can observe these within our HTTP Status Code Errors list.


How do you fix error 404 messages on my small website?

If you are conscious of pages in your website with damaged links, redirect or correct them. If your 404 error seems as a result of deleted page, consider restoring or redirecting it to new and related content.

How do you fix error 404 using blogging platforms?

If you are using WordPress, 404 errors frequently appear due to redirect conflicts or permalink issues. Fix damaged links for individual pages or posts. Go to the WordPress dashboard increase permalink settings whether it’s a website-wide problem.

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