How to Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger


This short article explains some workarounds for retrieving a deleted Facebook Messenger message. Included in this are checking to find out if you archived it, installing your Facebook data hoping that the message continues to be around the server, and asking your contact for any copy from the conversation.

Determine when the Message Is Archived

An archived message in Messenger is hidden out of your inbox but is not permanently deleted. It is possible that whenever you deleted the content, you chose Archive rather of Delete. Whenever you slide your finger on the chat, the choices are Archive and much more (containing Delete), therefore it is a simple mistake to create.

Check Archived Messages within the iOS Messenger Application

To determine should you archived your deleted message  it within the iOS Messenger application:

  • Open the Messenger application in your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap your profile picture.
  • Tap Archived Chats.
  • When the chat were archived, you’d view it here. Swipe across it together with your finger from to left and choose Unarchive to send it back for your active Messenger chats.

Check Archived Messages in Facebook inside a Browser

Should you access inside your favorite computer browser, here is how you check (and perhaps retrieve) an archived message.

  • Open Facebook inside a internet browser.
  • Choose the Messenger icon towards the top of the page.
  • Choose See all in Messenger at the end from the Messenger list.
  • Click on the three-us dot menu icon alongside Chats and choose Archived Chats within the menu.
  • If you notice the content you’re searching for, react to the talk to move it to the Messenger active chat list.

Download Your Facebook Data

Facebook keeps messages you delete to have an unspecified period before they take them off from the servers, which means you might be able to find deleted messages by installing your Facebook data.

Download Facebook Data within the iOS Messenger Application

You are able to ask that Facebook give back a duplicate of the data on its website or only from the messages. There’s an opportunity that a number of your deleted messages may be incorporated. Here is how to request your computer data while using iOS Messenger application.

  • Launch the Messenger application and tap your image towards the top of the screen.
  • Scroll lower and choose Account Settings.
  • Scroll towards the Your Facebook Information section and tap Download Profile Information.
  • Within the screen that opens, convey a checkmark alongside Messages. You might want to uncheck another groups. The report contains your computer data for that ones you check.
  • Scroll to the foot of the screen and tap Create File. Facebook prepares the report and contacts you when it’s ready. When you wait, your request seems as “Pending.” Should you only request your Messenger data, waiting for is brief.
  • Check out the report for that message you aspire to retrieve.

Download Facebook Data around the Facebook Website

You may also request your Facebook data, as well as your Messages, in the Facebook website on the computer. Here is how:

  • Open Facebook inside a internet browser.
  • Choose the lower arrow around the upper-right corner of the Facebook page and choose Settings & Privacy within the menu.
  • Choose Settings on screen that opens.
  • Select Privacy within the Settings sidebar.
  • Select Your Facebook Information within the Privacy sidebar.
  • Visit the Download Profile Information section and choose View.
  • Select Messages whether it is not already checked. Deselect every other category you won’t want to download. Select Create File.
  • Once the report is finished, Facebook notifies you that it’s ready for download. Check it for that deleted messages you seek.

Ask Your Contact

Even if you’re unsuccessful in retrieving the content, your contact can always possess a copy from the chat. Ask that individual to transmit the messages back or have a screenshot from the conversation thread and give back the look.

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