Neighbourly Disputes: How TO Avoid It 2022.


Disputes between neighbours aren’t ideal – and they may be hard to solve in a manner that leaves everybody happy. Common problems between neighbours frequently involve property borders. It can often be unclear who is incorporated in the right with regards to borders within the garden.

Actually, some laws and regulations might even pressure you to definitely cut lower a tree you’ve grown, either by doing the work yourself or employing an experienced arborist. But take it easy if the happens to be the situation, you will find a professional by searching tree surgeon Chelmsford for experts in Kent along with other local areas.

To be able to assist in avoiding these kinds of disputes, below are great tips on how to proceed, what to avoid and what your location is legally.

Overgrown and Overhanging Trees

If your neighbouring tree’s branches are hanging over your fence, you’re permitted to chop it well lower towards the border involving the garden as well as your neighbour’s. Although the best factor to complete within this situation is to speak with your neighbour first.

Though it may be in your legal rights to chop the tree back, it is best for that relationship between both you and your neighbour to speak about it prior to doing anything. They may even offer to trim it using their finish and solve your condition.

In either case, allowing them to realize that it’s important to cut the tree back may prevent any misunderstanding or ill will. A neighbour could notice you cutting the tree without asking and become offended – it’s technically their tree in the end.


It could seem a little unfair, but any branches or leaves that fall under a garden are the job to wash up, which can be why trimming back any branches that hang over a garden may be beneficial.

Don’t throw back any leaves, branches or fallen fruit over your neighbour’s fence, even though you don’t like them, because this can count as littering. If you have a poor relationship together with your neighbour for reasons uknown, you shouldn’t provide them with any ammunition to make use of against you.

Similarly, taking fruit or flowers from the neighbour’s tree or plant can really count as stealing, it’s a small factor but it’s a legitimate technicality.

Planting Trees and Blocking Light

When you are performing items like planting trees or perhaps building structures or extensions, you have to be conscious of “Right of Light”.

Right of sunshine (or To Light) describes legislation that provides certain home windows the priority over new structures with regards to light, and therefore there is nothing permitted to bar or affect the amount of light it receives. Consider it like the right of way on the highway.

For any window to qualify, it has to have existed for 25 years, or perhaps 19 many one day is sufficient. This law doesn’t make reference to anything about affecting a pleasant view you might have using that window it simply applies to the stage of sunshine that illuminates the area the window is within.

When planting a tree, think hard about whether it may potentially block a neighbour’s light later on once it’s grown. It might return to haunt you otherwise.

In addition to getting to chop lower a tree you’d formerly grown, infringing on someone’s to light can lead to getting to pay for damages, cancelling an improvement or perhaps tearing lower a structure. A surveyor can check out the place to make certain that no home windows is going to be affected.

Property Borders

Sometimes there might be confusion with regards to property borders. There are specific laws and regulations that surround these borders, also referred to as party walls. Party walls make reference to such things as brick walls between neighbours, the laws and regulations for party walls don’t include wooden fences.

When planning any kind of change or focus on these bordering walls, it’s important to get agreement and permission from neighbours.

Staying away from Disputes

The straightforward and the easy way avoid any misunderstandings or arguments with neighbours is to talk with them. Discuss plans or things that should be done and then try to arrived at a contract, if the isn’t possible then do what you could and employ the above mentioned advice to remain in your legal rights.


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