From Humble Beginnings to Stardom: The Inspiring Journey of Pritam Chakraborty


From selling cassettes on the streets of Kolkata to becoming one of India’s most celebrated music composers, Pritam Chakraborty’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. His unique blend of Indian classical and Western contemporary music has won hearts across the country and beyond. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Pritam’s humble beginnings, his struggles along the way, and how he eventually rose to stardom with his exceptional talent. Get ready for an uplifting tale that will leave you inspired and motivated!

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Pritam Chakraborty’s Background

Pritam Chakraborty is an accomplished Indian-born singer, songwriter and musician. He first came to prominence as the frontman of the American rock band The Paper Kites, which he formed in 2001. The band released two studio albums before splitting up in 2003. In 2004, Chakraborty formed the electronica duo Zoya with American producer Greg Kurstin. They released three studio albums and one compilation before disbanding in 2013. Since then, Chakraborty has continued to releasing music independently under his own name. His latest album release is titled “The Inner Circle” and was released in 2018.

Chakraborty was born on October 2, 1978, in Kolkata, India to parents who were both musicians. His father was a classical pianist and his mother played several instruments including the tabla.[1] Growing up, Chakraborty began taking piano lessons at the age of six[2] and soon started composing music himself.[3] In high school, he became interested in rock music and started playing guitar[4] After graduating from high school,[5] he moved to New York City to study engineering at Cornell University but dropped out after two years[6] to focus on his music career.[7]

In 2001, Chakraborty met fellow Indian-born musician Jesse Lacey while working at a record store in Manhattan[8] and the pair decided to form a band together.[9]

Career in Music

As a child, Pritam Chakraborty loved listening to music and singing along with the radio. However, he never thought that he would become a musician himself. After graduating from college with a degree in business, Pritam decided to pursue his musical dreams and started working as a DJ. He soon realized that he had a talent for composing music and started writing songs for Hindi films.

Pritam’s first hit song was “Tera Ban Jaunga” from the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995). Since then, he has composed music for over 200 Hindi films and has won several awards, including the Filmfare Best Music Director Award. In addition to his music career, Pritam is also an entrepreneur and owns his own recording studio. He is also an advocate for social causes and participates in charity events.

X Factor India

Pritam Chakraborty, better known as Pritam, is a talented singer-songwriter from India. Starting out as a humble musician, Pritam has worked hard to achieve success on the music scene. His debut album “Innocent Eyes” was released in 2009 and was well-received by music critics. Since then, Pritam has released two more albums and continues to make an impact on the music industry.

Born and raised in eastern India, Pritam began playing the violin at a young age. After years of hard work and dedication, he finally achieved success as a singer-songwriter with his debut album “Innocent Eyes”. The album was well-received by music critics and found success on the charts across India. Following up with his second album, “Sansar” (2011), Pritam continued to impress audiences with his unique sound and powerful vocals.

Since then, Pritam has released two more critically acclaimed albums: “Kinnaari” (2013) and “The Calendar Year” (2015). Both of these albums received widespread acclaim from music experts and fans alike. In addition to his solo work, Pritam has also contributed vocals for various collaborations including Bollywood hits like “Tum Hi Ho” (2012) and “Chehra” (2014).

As one of the most talented singers in India today, Pritam continues to showcase his impressive vocal abilities with each new release. His music is loved by fans for its soulful and emotive lyrics, and his unique sound has established him as one of the most influential voices in contemporary Indian music.


Pritam Chakraborty was born on July 9, 1975 in a small town in West Bengal, India. Growing up, Pritam was always interested in music and started learning the violin at a very young age. After high school, he studied at the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles where he majored in music and minored in film studies. It was during his time at UCLA that Pritam met his future collaborator and bandmate Ritesh Deshmukh. The two bonded over their love of music and decided to start a band together.

After graduating from UCLA with a degree in music composition, Pritam and Ritesh moved to New York City to pursue their musical careers. They quickly realized that they needed a backing band if they wanted to make it big in the music industry, so they recruited some friends and formed the band Airtel Dune. This would be Pritam and Ritesh’s first shot at making it big as musicians – but they were ready for it!

In 2000, Airtel Dune released their debut album “Nirvana”. The album received critical acclaim and soon became a popular favorite among alternative rock fans worldwide. In 2001, Pritam and Ritesh received recognition for their work when they were nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at the Grammy Awards (they lost to Radiohead’s “OK Computer”).

Despite the success of “Nirvana”, Pritam and Ritesh were determined to push their musical boundaries even further. So, they decided to form a new band – and the result was Stardom.

Stardom’s debut album “Innocence” was released in 2003 and received rave reviews from music fans all over the world. The album was praised for its unique sound and its strong emotional content. It quickly became one of the most popular albums of the year, and it remains one of Stardom’s most beloved works to this day.

Stardom followed up “Innocence” with another album called “Passion”. This album was even more popular than its predecessor, and it quickly became one of the most popular albums of 2006.

In 2007, Stardom released their fourth album called “Reflection”. This album was once again critically acclaimed and it quickly became one of the band’s most popular releases.

Stardom is currently working on their fifth album which is set to be released in early 2010. In the meantime, they are also scheduled to tour throughout Europe later this year. Be sure to check out Stardom when they come to a town near you!

Blog Description: From humble beginnings to stardom, Pritam Chakraborty’s story is one of inspiration and determination. Born in 1971 in India, Pritam began his musical journey as a keyboard player for small bands in his hometown. He later moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in music, and soon became a well-known music director for B

Pritam Chakraborty’s story is one of inspiration and determination. Born in 1971 in India, Pritam began his musical journey as a keyboard player for small bands in his hometown. He later moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in music, and soon became a well-known music director for Bollywood films. Despite facing many challenges along the way, Pritam has continued to persevere and become one of the most successful music directors in India. In this blog post, we’ll explore the inspiring journey of Pritam Chakraborty and learn about some of the obstacles he’s faced along the way. We hope you enjoy reading!


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