Rejection of Application For Postponement of UPSC Examination


The Delhi High Court on Thursday rejected the Union Public Service Commission’s application for adjournment of the main civil service examination, which is scheduled to begin at centers across the country from Friday, given the sudden increase in Covid cases. 

Recently, Covid-19 has spread rapidly in many states and cities, including various educational centers. Advocate Anushree Kapadia, appearing on behalf of the petitioners, submitted that apart from the candidates who are already infected with the virus, there is a risk of infecting others while appearing for the examination as they would be sitting in a room with 30 candidates for six hours.

Kapadia argued. Candidates will be at risk of traveling from hotels to centers and then returning to their hometowns. Advocate Naresh Kaushik, appearing for the UPSC, objected to the plea, saying that the delta form of Covid-19 was spreading and similar pleas were made at a time when it was rejected by the Supreme Court. Prosecutors argued that this was not the only test performed during the epidemic and that many other tests were performed and that candidates should adhere to basic COVID-19 protocols, such as wearing a mask to protect themselves from the virus.


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