Social Indoor Bowls – Why It’s a Great Game For Ladies


Social Indoor Bowls

While outdoor lawn bowls has always been very popular in Australia and has more recently garnered a strong following among younger people, social indoor bowls is a sport and pastime that is also trending. Everyone can enjoy a game of indoor bowls but it’s proving to be particularly popular with the ladies and in this article, you’ll learn why.

What Is Social Indoor Bowls For Ladies?

Social indoor bowls is very much the same as outdoor lawn bowls, except it’s played indoors on a special type of carpet rather than on turf. It’s hard to grow turf indoors. The carpet is designed to reflect the typical characteristics of real grass. However, it does play a little differently to turf.

Another key difference is the type of bowls that are used. The bias of indoor bowls is narrower, meaning the bowls don’t curve as much as typical outdoor bowls do. The jack used for indoor bowls is usually a little heavier than a lawn bowls jack.

The format and gameplay of indoor bowls is very much the same as its outdoor counterpart.

Let’s now look at why it’s so popular.

Social Indoor Bowls Is Played All Around the Country

No matter where you are located in Australia, chances are there is a social indoor bowls club somewhere near you.

For example, if you were to search online for ‘indoor bowls club for women Sydney’, you’ll find some options all across the city, such as social indoor bowls in Regents Park. The internet is the easiest way to find social clubs in your location and some other examples to look for would be indoor lawn bowls Sydney and indoor bowls club Sydney.

If you’re keen to try your hand at indoor bowls, there’s sure to be a venue near you somewhere.

Social Indoor Bowls Has a Friendly and Relaxed Atmosphere

Because it’s designed to be a social game, you’ll find the atmosphere of ladies indoor bowls to be very casual, relaxed and friendly. While you’re playing, you can strike up conversations with other players and you’re sure to make some cool new friends the more often you play the game.

A casual atmosphere doesn’t mean the gameplay is not competitive though. A bit of competition makes it more fun but it’s not too serious.

After the games are over, ladies can enjoy a drink or a meal together in the social club.

You Can Play In All Kinds Of Weather

Traditional lawn bowls is often affected by the weather conditions, whether that be periods of rain or strong winds that make it difficult to play. Indoor bowls is altogether different. It could be hailing outside and you can still enjoy a game of social indoor bowls. Conditions are a lot more comfortable and consistent.

Also, indoor bowls can be played in the evening as well as during the day, as it’s always played under artificial light anyway.

Ladies Have Loads Of Fun Playing Indoor Bowls

Possibly the most positive benefit of social indoor bowls for the ladies is that it’s loads of fun to play and to mix and mingle with other players. Rather than staying home and feeling bored with nothing to do, when you join an indoor bowls social club, you’ll always have friends to meet up with who share a common interest.

Indoor Bowls Is Light Exercise

While social indoor bowls is by no means a strenuous activity, it still provides some light exercise and helps to burn some calories. Your legs, shoulders and arms all get a bit of a workout, helping to keep you trim and toned.

Some other benefits include improving your ability to concentrate, as well as improved coordination. You could add indoor social bowls to your fitness regime.

Play Regularly and Improve Your Game

If you booked to play social indoor bowls even once a week, you’ll be playing often enough to improve your game. The more proficient you become at the game, the more enjoyment you will get out of it.

The Takeaway

If you’ve never played social indoor bowls before, you’re seriously missing out on a good time. Find a venue or social club today and start reaping the rewards that indoor bowls provide.


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