Solutions for the IDP.Generic Virus



Desktops and laptops these days are getting prone to the IDP.generic virus while using the Avast anti-malware application. The message on your system should read like this – 

“One of your programs is behaving strangely, which could be a sign of Malware. Path: C:\Windows\System\cmd.exe; Infection: IDP.Generic.”

Generally, the IDP generic virus indicates that the error has been detected by some form of Identity Protection detection component. 

It actually represents the generic file that was found to be detected. This could represent a false outcome by some form of Identity Protection detection component as well as due to some outdated definitions. The IDP.Generic errors can be easily treated with certain preventive measures. 

Here are some of the fixes that correct the error IDP. Generic Avast error – 

Update AVG

The IDP.Generic comes in handy with the installation of Avast Antivirus software. The simplest way to fix this error is to update the antivirus application to its latest version. You can do so by – 

  • Launch AVG software, navigate to the menu bar, and then open the tab settings.
  • Click on the Update link and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Now, reboot your system to check whether the problem has been solved or not. 

Change the anti-virus

Because the IDP.Generic virus is only prone to Avast anti-virus applications. It is recommended to switch to the new anti-virus other than Avast. 

False Positive?

IDP.Generic may imply a false positive in several circumstances. Many users hold VirusTotal software to analyze the problem by scanning all the associated HashCheck files but none of the AVG software flagged the issues. You can follow the steps for the HashCheck files – 

  • Update your Avast software if you’re using an older version
  • Re-install HashCheck application
  • Now temporarily disable the Avast application on your system

Install VirusTotal

Another way to fox IDP generic virus is to install the VirusTotal application on your system that screens the suspicious URLs and files, thus facilitates the faster detection of the viruses, Trojan, worms, and all different kinds of malware that are detected by the anti-virus engines. 

After installing the VirusTotal, follow these steps – 

  • Select the “Browse” button. Copy/paste the following lines into the File Name field: C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe
  • Click on the Open button to proceed
  • Select the option ‘send File’ icon located at the bottom of the page of VirusTotal
  • If you receive a note that says that the file has been submitted, then you can click the option ‘Reanalyze’ to proceed. 
  • Wait for the scanning to be completed.

Update the Java Script

One of the major issues for the occurrence of IDP.Generic error is due to the outdated version of the Java components. Usually, all the older versions have vulnerabilities that are prone to all sorts of viruses. Therefore, it is recommended that you must follow the steps below to remove & update the older version of Java components: 

  • Download the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 6.0, and save the application file on your desktop.
  • Go to ‘’Java SE 7 Update 5’’, and select ‘Download JRE’ to proceed.
  • Click to check the tick box that says – Accept License Agreement option. 
  • Click on the option that says Windows x86 Offline, and save the file to the desktop.
  • Now fo to Control Panel. Click on Add/Remove Programs, and click to select the older versions of the Java Script Environment application. 
  • Reboot your computer system once all the Java components have been erased from the system,
  • Launch the desktop, and select the application file that says – JRE-7u5-windows-i586. It will install the latest Java version on your desktop/laptop. 

From the additional layer of protection, you can install the ‘Anti Malaware’ software – an on-the-go system scanner that will check the entire system after you start the desktop. You can also update it weekly and perform a ‘Quick scan’ every time before the functioning of the anti-virus. Generally, the IDP generic virus indicates that the error has been detected by some form of Identity Protection detection component. 


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