The Best Places to Retire in British Columbia!


British Columbia

Retirement is a goal that we all want to work towards. The idea of resting after a lifetime of work is appealing to most, giving us something to strive towards in our career. Although many people do a lot of work to prepare for retirement, not many people stop to consider what location they will retire in. Will they stay in the same location, move back to their hometown, or uproot their life and move? Thankfully for British Columbia residents, there are a myriad of great retirement locations in the province. So what exactly are the best places to retire in British Columbia? Let’s take a look.


Vancouver is often thought of one of Canada’s top cities overall, but the location is exceptionally good for retirees. The weather in the Pacific Northwest is mild, meaning you won’t have to deal with the extremes of hot summers or frigid winters. Additionally, Vancouver has plenty of outdoor areas and trails to visit, allowing you to take advantage of both the nice weather and your newfound free time when you purchase one of the Vancouver homes for sale. As a retiree it’s important that you don’t feel cooped up in your city, and Vancouver can offer you exactly that.


Another great British Columbia retirement location is Victoria, a location situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Just like Vancouver, Victoria enjoys a great climate that allows retirees to avoid extreme inclement weather. Victoria also has very low property tax, allowing you to save a little extra money for your retirement travels. Finally, Victoria is a great location for retirees that want to be healthy. Not only is the healthcare in the region fantastic, the local pollution is extremely low, leading to great healthy lifestyles for retirees.


Burnaby isn’t really a known location outside of Canada, but it’s actually the third largest city in British Columbia. The city’s decent size means there’s plenty to do, however it’s also not overcrowded like some metropolitan areas can become. It’s also close enough to Vancouver that if you ever need anything, you could always just drive to the neighboring city. The biggest draw of Burnaby is the city’s great services, as the city is often called Canada’s best run city. Add in great weather, friendly neighbors, and a slew of activities and you have a recipe for the perfect retirement location.


As the only option outside the immediate Vancouver area on this list, Kelowna offers a unique retirement location. Located on Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is the perfect location for retirees looking to spend their time on the water and stay active. Kelowna also sports a reasonable cost of living, allowing you to put more money towards traveling or other activities during your retirement. When these great features are combined with a mild climate, good healthcare, and a central travel location, Kelowna starts to look like an extremely attractive retirement destination


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