The Key to selling on Amazon 2024


No matter what they sell or their brand, sellers on Amazon are always looking to increase their sales. Enrolling in the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) programme already gives you a massive advantage because this action alone can increase your sales by up to 25%. But with numerous other sellers competing for the same customers, you still have to work to increase and ensure sales. In this article, we look at some strategies Amazon FBA sellers can use to help with this.

Keep Your Prices Competitive

Most Amazon buyers are driven by price, meaning they are looking for the best deals on the items they buy. For this reason, keeping your prices competitive is a great way for those hunting for the best deals and bargains.

If you decide to do this, ensure you do not price yourself out of business. This means you should not set your prices so low that you cannot make a profit. Additionally, very low prices can cause customers to think your products are of low quality, leading to boycotts.

Provide Great Customer Service

Even when you sell high-quality products at reasonable prices, problems still occur. Things break, customers do not receive their products, or they receive the wrong ones. You should always be ready to handle such issues or hire people to do it for you.

Businesses should be committed to fixing issues as soon as they arise. By doing so, you will show your customers that you care about their experience and are committed to providing a great service.

Partner with a Prep Centre

A key determinant of whether customers will want to buy from you again is the experience they have the first time they do so. A critical part of this experience is delivery. If you can deliver quickly, on time, and without damaging the products, customers are more likely to become repeat buyers.

How does an Amazon prep centre UK help with this? First of all, it provides you with tools that help you understand what is happening with your inventory. This system will help you determine whether you are running low on certain products so you can prepare to have a supplier ship them to the Amazon prep centre.

With this system, you never have to run out of stock, ensuring customers can be confident that you will have the products ready if they need to buy again.

Secondly, a reputable FBA prep centre ships your products to your customers or an Amazon fulfilment centre. With quality control measures in place, they get your products quickly to where they need to go in the best shape possible.

Optimise Product Listings

Another way to capture sales is to improve your product listing using Amazon SEO strategies. Start by ensuring your product name and description are as descriptive as possible. Next, ensure they both contain relevant keywords, but without spamming, because people hate that.

Lastly, ensure your listing is as complete as possible, with images and other crucial information you think customers will be interested in. All of this is to make it as convenient as possible for customers to find your listings.

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce platform in the world, which means that even though it can help you sell products, there is also a lot of competition on the platform. You should find ways of providing the best products and services to stand out, beat your customers, and ensure continuing sales.


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