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The Ultimate Guide to Download Netflix Movies on Laptop.


This short article explains how you can download Netflix movies and television shows for your Home windows laptop for offline viewing. Netflix downloads can be found on desktops, laptops, and tablets running Home windows 11 and 10.

How you can Download Movies From Netflix to Laptop

You’ll first have to download movies from Netflix application in the Microsoft Store, as Netflix won’t allow you to download content from the browser.

After installing the Netflix application, you’re merely a couple of steps from installing your preferred Netflix movies and watching them offline:

  1. Launch the Netflix application in your laptop. If this sounds like the first time logging in to the application, you ought to be welcomed with a pop-up notification having a connect to downloadable movies and television shows.
  2. Click on the Menu icon within the top left corner, symbolized by 3 lines of horizontal type.
  3. Scroll lower to Readily available for Download.
  4. Readily available for Download option in Netflix Home windows application.

Tip: Readily available for Download menu in Netflix Home windows application.

You may also by hand look for movies and television shows in other groups. Just remember that its not all movie and television show is downloadable. While in doubt, search for the Download icon.

  • Click on the Download icon.
  • When the download is finished, click on the Menu icon again and choose My Downloads.
  • You need to visit your downloaded movie or Television show listed. Click it to start playback.
  • If you would like to get rid of a downloaded movie or Television show out of your laptop, tap the Downloaded icon underneath the content listing and choose Delete Download.

Note: Smart Downloads is really a feature that’s switched on automatically and helps save space by deleting TV episodes you’ve viewed. It will likewise instantly download the following available episode next time you connect with Wi-Fi.

You are able to turn Smart Downloads off and on in the My Downloads tab.

How Do You Watch Netflix Offline?

You can watch anything listed underneath the My Downloads tab by having an offline connection. To make sure you’re in a position to access this with no Wi-Fi connection, it’s suggested that you simply remain signed to the Netflix application.

When offline, you’ll only have the ability to connect to the My Downloads tab. By trying to navigate to a new menu, you will be welcomed through the notification below:

How you can Download Netflix on Laptop

The Netflix application can be obtained like a download free in the Microsoft Store, that is readily available from the Home windows 10 laptop. Should you can’t locate the Microsoft Store out of your desktop or taskbar, just type “Microsoft Store” in to the Home windows search bar to rapidly think it is.

As the Netflix application is free of charge to download, you’ll require an active Netflix subscription to be able to start installing movies and television shows.

Why Can’t I Download Movies on Netflix?

There’s a couple of explanations why you might have trouble installing Netflix movies for your laptop.

While downloads can be found on all Netflix plans, the amount of devices that you could have downloads on is restricted through the plan you’re enrolled in:

  • Fundamental plan: 1 device
  • Standard plan: 2 devices
  • Premium plan: 4 devices

If you’ve arrived at your device limit, it’s important to remove devices associated with your Netflix account to be able to start installing movies in your laptop. Here’s how:

  1. Register to Netflix out of your browser.
  2. Hover within the dropdown menu within the top right and click on Account.
  3. Scroll lower to Settings and click on Sign in the devices.

Netflix also offers a restriction of 100 downloads per device. If you’ve arrived at this limit in your laptop, it’s important to delete titles to make space for brand new ones.

Can One Download Netflix Movies on my small MacBook?

Regrettably, Netflix doesn’t support installing movies and television shows for offline viewing on Mac, as there isn’t any Netflix application for Mac. Your main choices are to set up Home windows 10 in your Mac using Bootcamp, or stream Netflix from your iPad or any other iOS device using AirPlay.

For additional info on how you can download movies from Netflix to some Mac or iPad.

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