Top 5 Web Development Rising Trends For 2022?


web developmentWeb development is the fastest-growing industry that visualizes new changes every other day. Designers keep on experimenting with new techniques to give an optimal user experience. Also, business persons can’t ignore investing in online marketing to cover potential customers throughout the world.

Web designing, web programming, and database management of the website are dynamic in terms of security and client demands. Also, Gen Z and millennials don’t prefer static websites. They want something innovative and out of the box that eases their decision-making and purchasing options.

So, it becomes necessary to know the latest trends in the web development industry to remain ahead of your competitors. Let’s start the journey.

Top 10 Web development trends to look out for in 2022

With a holistic approach, a website has the potential to give you much more returns on investment. A determined course of action saves time and money.

Otherwise, it becomes a hectic and tiring process to make changes later on. So, these are the web development trends that will help you create your website effectively.

1. Artificial intelligence for better customer service

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are revolutionizing the way web admins deal with customers. AI-based chatbots can address basic customer queries very well.

With machine learning technology, it is adapting to answer queries thoughtfully and intelligently. They are available 24*7, demand no leave and don’t get sick. They transfer complex problems to the concerned department.

2. Change in website mode experience

Websites are heading towards a dark mode experience. If there is less light or night, the website must provide an option to change its mode. Dark mode helps give relaxation to the reader’s eyes. It is a low-light user interface that usually changes to shades of grey or black.

3. Blockchain technology for more transparency

Cryptocurrency is not a new term for business. Gradually, enterprises are adopting blockchain technology to make safe payments, maintain transparency, build more trust, and quickly trace data.

It is easy to build professional networks and access government services with different nationals. A web design company can create websites as per the latest technologies and customer demands.

4. Mobile-first development for mobile customers

Web designs must take into account mobile-first development to cover a wide range of audiences. With more than 90% of the users accessing the internet from mobile devices, ignoring mobile-first is not a safe option.

Mobile-first design starts from mobile screen size or experimenting with design on various mobile devices. It takes into account small space and less user attention span.

5. Single page application to improve web performance

SPAs are increasingly becoming popular because of their capacity to load faster. It fetches all primary HTML/CSS/JavaScript code in one go. After loading the static part, it refreshes the dynamic web page part as per user clicks. So, it improves web performance considerably.

6. Implementing GDPR and cyber security

General data protection rights(GDPR) ensure no plagiarism, deal with copyright infringement, and maintain privacy. Web designers must follow GDPR guidelines in whatever content they upload, like articles, videos, blogs, or podcasts.

Also, web designers can make sure to implement cyber security in their design with HTTPs certificate. It may seem to be minor steps; it effectively maintains a brand reputation for many years to come.

7. AMP for better loading speeds

Accelerated mobile pages(AMP) are one of the rising web development trends. It increases web page loading by almost eight times. They are optimized pages with a simple and convenient design as compared to full-fledged web features.

8. Using AR and VR for user interactivity

Enormous research is going on in augmented reality and virtual reality for web development.

So, what is so unique about AR and VR? With this, users can make decisions whether to make a purchase or not with virtual try-on options. They can experiment with product sizes, colors, and placements and see how they appear in real-life on-screen.

9. Voice search optimization

Voice search is the widely used web feature while driving and shopping with voice commands. To implement voice searches, include user queries in daily use language, slang, local keywords, and generally asked questions.

10. Push notifications for user engagement

Push notifications are the instrumental way to interact with your users regularly. Web developers can promote their services or products effectively.


In short, using the latest technologies in web development is the need of the hour. It may seem to be horrific in the first instance. But, being proactive help maintain customer for a long and invite potential clients to your website. These parameters can make the best deal:

  • Take care of your website performance with AMP and SPA.
  • AI and AR give you direct access to user behavior and desires.
  • Add conversational language and user queries to website content.


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