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According to the Waterdogs Motorcycle Club, a deadly shooting occurred at Motorcycle’s annual festival on Friday.

In a motorcycle rally shootout on Memorial Day, the Water Dogs motorcycle gang was responsible for the fatality. Two gangs clashed after a minor disagreement, and the event became a battleground.

There were three deaths and five injuries during a deadly clash in Taos County New Mexico on Saturday. According to the New Mexico Police, all of the deceased and injured were members of the same biker gang. The Waterdogs Motorcycle Club provides more information about the clash with another biker gang in the United States.

Three people died and six were injured at the Red River Motorcycle Rally:

In a press conference, the chief of police in New Mexico stated that the two biker gangs were responsible for the destruction of the annual motorcycle rally on May 27, 2023.

Police reported that two gangs fought over a minor issue, resulting in three deaths and six injuries. They warned outlaw bikers that they would show zero tolerance for jaywalkers.

Motorcycle gang Water Dogs

The Water Dogs gang was formed in 2000. Its illegal activities have attracted the police’s attention in recent years. The gang has been in conflict with its rival and some drug offenses have gotten them caught.

In 2017, Water Dogs Albuquerque members were arrested on charges of dealing in firearms and drugs, as well as stealing cars. The gang’s reputation as a criminal organization was further solidified by these arrests. In spite of being less well-known than other criminal organizations, the police consider them a threat to civilized societies.

During the Red River Shootout, the Waterdogs Motorcycle Gang was brought to the forefront and associated with criminal activity and violent tendencies.

Why did the two biker gangs fight?

The New Mexico Police apologized for the shooting that occurred on Saturday as the crowd gathered to watch the motorcycle event. A rival gang snapped a photo of itself with another group in Albuquerque at about 5 p.m. east of Red River, sparking a rival gang war.

Following heated words between the rival groups, running and chasing led to a fatal shooting.

A member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club has died and been injured:

Outlaw motorcycle gang Bandidos is headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States. The gang was founded in early 1960, and it has chapters in 22 countries. Two Bandidos from New Mexico were killed in a shootout on May 27th. They are Anthony Silva, 26, and Damian Breaux, 46. The bandidos have 2500 members in 303 chapters.

Two wounded members of a gang arrested for the incident on Saturday are Matthew Jackson, 39, from Austin, Texas, and Christopher Garcia, 31.

There was a casualty at the Saturday Shootout for the Water Dogs Motorcycle Club:

As a result of the shootout on Saturday evening, the Water Dogs gang also suffered casualties. On suspicion of murder, Jacob Castillo (30), a member of the Water Dogs and a 30-year-old New Mexico man, was arrested by the police chief. Castillo sustained injuries in the incident, and he was still being treated on Sunday. Randy Sanchez, 46, a Water Dog member from Albuquerque, was also killed.

The verdict is in

Investigations into the shooting incident on May 27th are being conducted by Mexico Police, FBI, and Federal Bureau of Alcohol.

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