Effective ways to solve the [pii_email_373158ef2aa66aa3250f] Error


Outlook is one of the best platforms for anyone to send and receive emails, but the [pii_email_373158ef2aa66aa3250f] error occurred, which might create some problems. If you are facing the same problem, you are landed in right place. You can learn about the bugs and solutions to fix them.

What is meant by [pii_email_373158ef2aa66aa3250f] error and their solutions?

When the user sees this error, this happens due to PST corruption. If there is an error in PST corruption, this error code occurs. It is a data file in which all mailbox items that Outlook sells but on the PST page associated with the current Outlook profile are corrupted. Users will face this problem. They need to fix PST connection issues using manual methods or third-party software.

Clear or move emails from Outlook folders:

In case of too much data, it will cause Outlook to malfunction during that time. Users need to clear unnecessary files from the Trash folder and also from Outlook. Checking if there are any unnecessary files will increase work efficiency, and users will be able to use Outlook smoothly.

Reinstall Outlook:

Suppose one method is not work you can uninstall Outlook and then install it again. There are some installation errors that may only be fixed after installation. The installation process will be the best option for you.

Check your antivirus settings:

Antivirus is used for email scanning. At that time, users need to check their antivirus for email scan settings. Suppose there are some default configurations or features in your antivirus program. In that case, these may limit outlook’s connection to the server, so if you don’t want to face the same hassle, then temporarily disable your antivirus or tweak the settings accordingly.

Remove suspicious messages from your inbox:

If there is a damaged message in your inbox, you can fix this by doing one of the following:

  • Contact your ISP and ask them to delete any suspicious emails.
  • Remove suspicious emails by accessing your inbox using your ISP’s web-based email program.

What are the methods to solve the outlook error?

Method 1: Clear Cache and Cookies

This is the easiest way to fix some problems on your PC. All cache and cookies are cleaned to help improve all your data. They remove corrupted and damaged data from your PC. You must do these things to avoid this error forever after deleting cache and cookies.

  • First, you need to close and then reopen Microsoft Outlook.
  • You have to select multiple accounts there.
  • Check if new Microsoft 365 updates are available.
  • If an update is available for Microsoft 365, please do so now.
  • Just restart your PC now and open Microsoft Outlook again after updating.

Method 2: Fix Outlook Version

Setup steps where Outlook conflicts with other email accounts or programs recommended on your PC. This may cause the error [pii_email_373158ef2aa66aa3250f].

Therefore, you will have to uninstall the corrupted Outlook adjustments from your own PC. It then introduces a new version of the Microsoft Outlook website.

Method 3: You can install a new version of Outlook

This error can be caused by not having Outlook on your PC or installing a broken version from random websites and also caused by outlook is not properly installed on your PC.

You must update the Microsoft official website to the latest version of Microsoft Outlook to fix this issue. You must uninstall the broken version of Outlook from your machine before upgrading. Then reinstall Microsoft Outlook.

Method 4: Update All Microsoft Outlook

As you have seen many times, you need to reproduce the old stuff shortly after. You are facing this form of error while using older versions of Microsoft Office software on our PCs. So had to demolish and install the latest version.

  • Make sure your PC meets the most up-to-date Office format requirements.
  • Typically, previous changes are ignored when running Microsoft Office Setup software on PCs where previous Office forms were suggested.
  • In case of errors or problems during installation, there may be cases where uninstallation is required.
  • If you uninstall Office before you submit the new formula, your Office files will not be deleted. But you will need to back up your Outlook profile documents if your Office version requires Outlook.
  • View, search and transfer Outlook data documents from one PC to another.

What are the common fixes for the outlook errors and bugs?

Check internet connection:

Interfering Internet connections can cause errors such as 0x800CCC0F, 0x8004210a, and 0x8004210a. Avoid low bandwidth Internet connections and use a reliable internet connection with decent download/upload speeds.

Avoid accessing suspicious emails:

Emails or email attachments from unknown senders can pose a threat to your system. For example, an infected email can crash your Outlook program and corrupt many essential system files. Alternatively, you can delete suspicious emails in the first place. Also, be sure to use the latest version of your operating system with the necessary security features.

Clear or move emails from Outlook folders:

Overflow of data can be a common cause of Outlook malfunctions. Clear unnecessary files from the Outbox and Trash folders to optimize the performance of your Outlook application. It is essential to improve the performance of Outlook and Windows.

Fix PST Corruption through Third-Party Tools:

If your Outlook PST is corrupted or damaged, you can always search for third-party resources to fix the problem. Microsoft provides the Inbox Repair AKA ScanPST.exe is a free utility. It is one of the best recommended to use a third-party repair tool. In this regard, you can use the Kernel for PST repair tool to save your time. Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is a powerful tool that helps users fix PST file corruption issues. There is no file size limit.

Bottom line:

This article offers an all-in-one solution for users who want to fix common [pii_email_373158ef2aa66aa3250f]   Outlook errors. Both manual and automatic methods to fix common Outlook bugs are briefly described in the section above. If the PST is corrupted, your Kernel for Outlook PST Repair can be used for quick results.


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