Weed TikTok Accounts – Best 2022 Accounts Here


Are you currently searching for weed TikTok accounts to improve your understanding from the good plant? In 2022, social networking platforms still aren’t free from censorship and moderation, which means this may prove somewhat challenging.

Fortunately, you’ve come right place. These seven TikTok accounts offer from growing cannabis seeds to stoner-specific humor. We’ll also demonstrate how you can uncover more content by tweaking the formula to show relevant videos in your For You Personally Page (FYP).

How you can Personalize Your TikTok Formula

Weed TikTok Accounts Like the majority of social networking sites, TikTok includes a special formula that teaches you content tailored as to the you like. If you want, comment, or share a publish, odds are you’ll start to see similar ones inside your feed.

Social internet marketing is essential for choosing the best audience, as my own mail to determine irrelevant posts on their own FYP. Below are great tips that will help you achieve the 420-friendly side of TikTok:

Use relevant hashtags: Smoking on TikTok is illegitimate, and also the application flags anything related to violence, drugs, or underage activities. Search phrases like “marijuana,” “cannabis,” and “weed” provides you with zero results.

Look for the information you would like with such hashtags rather:

  • #420
  • #st0nertikt0k
  • #w33d
  • #ouid
  • #st0netok
  • #hitsblunt

Like related videos: TikTok instantly teaches you similar posts whenever you like videos with weed-related content.

Stick to the right accounts: If you see 420 videos appearing, click on the follow button. You don’t only see much more of that user’s content, however, you also get similar posts.

Consider related emojis and signs: Since TikTok blocks certain words and symbols, users must get creative using their language. Become familiar with the platform’s lingo and find out what words or emojis other weed accounts use. Should you start utilizing the same terminology, the formula will highlight the videos you need to see.

Since you’ve tweaked your FYP, let’s explore seven of the greatest marijuana accounts on TikTok.

1. Cheech and Chong (@cheechandchong)

Actually Cheech and Chong, the world’s favorite stoner duo, their very own TikTok 420 account. Locate them discussing their classic humor, taking you lower memory lane, and spending time with other stars.

Cheech and Chong demonstrate that you could still to take pleasure from your golden years. They visit probably the most popular TikTok trends and produce their very own make of humor. Hear them share tales in the traditional days, give viewers weed tips, and poker fun at one another.

2. She Smokes Joints (@shesmokesjoints)

After rising to fame on Instagram, the consumer referred to as “Courtney” moved to TikTok. Her content varies from fun tales about her existence and words of weed knowledge to marijuana humor and fashion.

After ordering from among the best seed banks within the U . s . States, benefit from the relatable, fun content on Courtney’s account. She shares her desire for nature, delves into deep conversations about existence, and takes viewers on remarkable journeys.

3. Codi Peterson (@cannapharmd)

Codi Peterson may be the account to follow along with if you are within the mood for educational weed videos. He focuses on medical cannabis having a Master of Science degree and it is a pharmacist! That’s enough to ensure they know what he’s speaking about.

His videos are enjoyable, light-hearted, and educate much more about weed than you’ll ever learn attending college. His content covers cannabinoids, edibles, metabolic process, and decarboxylation. Also, he shares valuable tips and knowledge to help you a 420 expert among your buddies.

4. Dache (Day) Oquenda (@indohgoddess)

Weed TikTok Accounts is perfect for the canna-moms and weed-friendly parents. Day shares lots of relatable content like a 420 mama herself and brings viewers stoner humor at its best.

Her skits cover topics like pregnancy, smoke breaks being a parent, or coping with stress by illuminating a blunt. The account isn’t only for moms, though, because it has lots of content nearly every stoner can connect with.

5. Syd (@shadesofsyd)

Shades of Syd offers viewers “peace and blessings” when you discover her account. She discusses inner healing, spirituality, CBD products, and also the benefits of cannabis.

Syd also promotes her very own cannabidiol-infused lipsticks around the funnel while offering suggestions about fashion and sweetness. Her page is stuffed with good vibes, insights, reviews, and lots of stoner humor and relatable content.

6. Kadija (@sativadiva1997)

This account is perfect for fashion enthusiasts. Sativa Diva stays in keeping with her name by providing lots of cannabis content, but she loves discussing clothing advice too.

Find outfit ideas, makeup options, and lots of stoner humor in her own “Baked Takes” videos. During these short skits, she smokes weed while offering her unique thoughts about various topics.

Kadija is within her early 20s but has designed a reputation for herself. She’s got over 500,000 supporters on TikTok and it has established herself like a cannabis fashion icon on social networking.

7. Chris Udalla (@chrisudalla)

Probably the most popular weed TikTok accounts is Chris Udalla. His videos are educational, engaging, funny, and relatable. He’s Twitch and YouTube pages too, so video gamers who enjoy smoking weed love his content.

Chris frequently discusses cannabis and also the most suitable products, including papers, ashtrays, and moving trays. Some videos also educate you the way to produce perfect blunts and select between different ways of consuming cannabis.


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