What’s Next For Employee Engagement In The HR World?


Employees are the life of the business and ensuring that your employees are satisfied and happy goes a long way in having a successful business. However, in this fast-paced world, there is a lot of disconnect in the workplace. How do we ensure that despite these struggles we keep the passion and commitment of our employees alive? 

This is where employee engagement comes into action. It means employees are in line with the vision of your company and have an interest in helping the company reach its goals. 

As times have changed, companies have had to implement an employee engagement system to help improve the productivity of the business space. Employee engagement will help your company reach new strides. To help you build the right engagement structure for your employees here are 5 strategies:

Employee Engagement Strategies to Make It Big in the HR World:

Empowering employees to connect on the social intranet: 

The Social Intranet is like your company’s digital workspace where communication between your employees is made easy. This helps your employees stay connected to everything happening in the office space and promotes a sense of collaboration. 

It helps boost morale and is also a good employee management system. A social intranet is the place to be for organisations to stay connected and collaborate with all the many factions of the company. 

Connecting with employees is now made simple with uKnowva’s Social Intranet. It helps you be part of groups, announce events, look at your employees’ activity streams, share photos and videos and send personal messages to members of your organisation. These features help build strong employee engagement in the workplace.

Team building/bonding activities for all employees:

To build a deeper level of employee engagement, it is important to make your employees feel like they are part of a team. This helps them work well with each other. To encourage this, it is vital to give your employees opportunities for team building and bonding activities. 

This can be going out together as a company on a picnic or working on an activity like games and performing together. This builds trust and friendship among your employees and makes everyone work well with each other. As an employer, organising these opportunities for your company will show your employees that you care about them.

Assigning projects to employees from dissimilar departments

To keep employee engagement, it is important for the workplace to be stimulating and challenging for the employees. To help with this, people from different departments can build projects together. 

Working like this can enable your employees to have a good learning experience from different individuals belonging to various departments across your company. These projects are a good opportunity for your employees to familiarize themselves with different departments of the company and meet other employees who they can collaborate with. 

You can use the performance management system and project & timesheets by uKnowva to evaluate the effectiveness of teams working together.

Encouraging employees to participate in polls and surveys

Another way of ensuring good employee engagement is to have your employees participate in various polls and surveys. This will make your employees feel like your company listens to them. This ensures transparency and healthy communication between the employees and management and will increase employee engagement.

Check up on your employees’ mental health

Sometimes with the stress of the world, employees can feel overwhelmed. This not only causes them to worry but also affects their quality of life. Due to this, their overall work productivity can also decrease. 

With uKnowva, you can check up on your employees using the happiness metre. You can use this to your advantage because employees who feel like their companies care about them have a stronger level of commitment to the company. 

Additionally, this feeling of care and concern can boost overall productivity for the company and help employees in their personal development.


These strategies can make all the difference in ensuring that your company stands out in the marketplace because employee engagement strategies can help a company reach greater heights. 

Use these strategies to build strong and able teams uKnowva HRMS helps you achieve all of the above and provide you with the ease and quality required for important HR Management responsibilities at an affordable price.


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