5 App ideas to build and level up your coding skills

5 App ideas to build and level up your coding skills


We have picked together several concepts that synchronize well with the needs of consumers.

Dig in to check whether any of these ideas can motivate you to sharpen your programming skills.

1.   Survey App:

Surveys are a vital component of any developer’s toolset. They are great for receiving feedback from your customers on a range of areas, including needs, future needs, bugs, goals, or just simple frustrations, to name a few. It offers the ability to construct a poll, allow users to reply within a set timeframe, and tabulate and report results.


  • Survey Respondents can develop a customized account in the app
  • Survey Organizers and Survey Participants can choose the survey to show from a list of completed surveys.
  • Survey Respondents cannot submit the same poll multiple times

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2.   Recipe App:

You might not have recognized this, but recipes are hardly more than culinary mathematics. Like software, recipes are a sequence of essential procedures that result in delicious food if performed correctly. The purpose of the Recipe app is to assist the user in organizing recipes in a manner that will help them comprehend them easily.


  • Users could see a photo illustrating the item’s appearance once made.
  • Users can select the title of the recipe to show its recipe card.
  • Users could see an alarm signal if users identified no similar recipe.

3.   Type-It:

Whether you are a toddler learning how to spell or someone learning a foreign language, performing helps reinforce your language abilities. The Type-It program helps users rehearse their spellings by delivering the audiotape of a word the user must subsequently spell using the virtual keyboard.


  • Users can listen to an alarm signal if poor spelling exists.
  • Users can select the ‘Hint’ button to underline the wrong letters in the word text entry box.
  • Users may view a count of the number of correct spellings, total word count attempted, and a % of successful inputs.

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4.   FlipImage:

FlipImage covers one aspect of picture modification – image rotation. This app shows a square screen with a single image displayed in a 2×2 matrix. Using a series of upward, downwards, left, and right sliders next to each photograph, the user may rotate them vertically and horizontally. You must only utilize native HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build this app.


  • Users can alter the preset image by providing the URL of a different picture in an input box.
  • Users can show the new picture by pressing a ‘Display’ button beside the input box.
  • Users can get an error notice if the new pictures URL is not available

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5.   Shuffle Card Deck:

You’ll be as expected as a computer programmer to develop unique solutions that address real-world issues for real people. Apps such as the Shuffle Card Deck identifies the quickest methods for shuffling a deck of cards. It will give you lots of expertise at monitoring and assessing application performance while giving you a chance to level up your coding skills.


  • Users could notice a third algorithm button — ‘WELL512a.c’
  • The programmer could study the output and discover why the quickest algorithm is quicker than the weakest algorithm
  • Users can select the ‘OK’ option in the warning window to remove the result area and close the caution box.


App development is not complex. Above are app ideas that align nicely with everyday customer demands that you can find on Google Play and the App Store. Using FlipImage, you may rotate an image in any direction.

The Shuffle Card Deck app helps you find ways to shuffle a deck of cards for in-game apps you create. Builder.ai can simplify the app development process with the help of Builder.ai.

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