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There is information in this article about how Alexee Trevizo’s Instagram became so popular, what steps were taken by the court, and what charges were brought against her.

News about Alexee Trevizo is all over the Internet, and people are in disbelief. Many believe she has done something wrong. The United States as well as people from all over the world want to know more.

This article will provide readers with information about Alexee’s Trevizo Instagram and other trending topics if you haven’t heard about this accident yet.

What makes Alexee Trevizo’s name trend on Twitter and Instagram?

She is being accused of first-degree murder for the death of her son, who died in January. An Eddy County criminal complaint in southeast New Mexico mentions that she had disposed of her son’s body in a garbage can. In addition to the Alexee Travizo Autopsy charge, she is charged with evidence tampering.

In late December, Trevizo went to the emergency room with back pain, according to Artesia Police. Her pregnancy and labor were revealed by laboratory tests. On 27 January, Trevizo delivered a boy in a bathroom. The baby was discreetly hidden under garbage after she placed it in a bag.

The autopsy of Alexee Travizo

As a result of the autopsy, oxygen deprivation was the cause of death for the baby. This occurred when the infant was placed in a bag. The baby was breathing when the bag was closed.

A TikTok post by @thejadedesquire captured the moment Alexee was confronted over discovering the baby’s corpse. The police immediately arrested her without hesitation.

In court, what happened after the Alexee Travizo autopsy was revealed?

March 28, 2023, Artesia Police Department detectives submitted information about the case to the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. On May 10, 2020, the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s Office approved a criminal complaint and filed charges against both the suspect and the victim’s mother.

In Trevizo’s view, the baby did not breathe at birth, which caused her to panic and throw the baby away. An autopsy on March 28 revealed that, after an extensive investigation, the baby had indeed been born alive. As a result of being in the bag, it tragically lost its own life.

The court’s response to Alexee Trevizo’s autopsy

Alexis Trevizo received $100,000 unsecured bond after being accused of infanticide. She is subject to certain rules imposed by the court following Alexee’s autopsy.

In conclusion

After Alexis Trevizo’s newborn baby was found dead in the garbage can, the police conducted an investigation and released her with further instructions.

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