Exploring Customer Experiences with Alfresko.com.au: Legit or Scam?


Our Scam Detector’s VLDTR tool just found alfresko.com.au to be legitimate. It has a medium authoritative rank. Let’s explore this review, its market, and what you can do if you have already been scammed.

Based on the Scam Detector’s algorithm, this business ranks:

65.2% of 100

Our robust validator tool confidently provided this rank due to an intelligent, top-of-the-line algorithm created by our team of specialists in online fraud protection. We’ll explain why alfresko.com.au received this verdict below, but first, make sure you’re looking at the correct website – as many people mistype the query.alfresko.com.au:

Alfresko.com.au is listed under a trendy niche, so we gathered this excerpt from their site:

Since this website has extensions in many languages or login credentials on the homepage, chances are you are already familiar with it, so you can use it safely.

Alfresko.com.au’s business may be described in the paragraph above, but it is possible their activities extend beyond that. If this is the website you want to know more about, we are happy to provide you with a non-biased review and ranking.

Review of alfresko.com.au

Based on the Scam Detector algorithm, alfresko.com.au has a medium authoritative score of 65.2. This means that the business is Legitimate. Known. Vetted. Let us know if you think this rating needs to be increased or decreased in the comments section below.

The algorithm ranked sites based on 50+ relevant factors, including customer service and public feedback, technology used, and domain authority.

There are other elements, such as IP address, Tranco rank, website technology, SSL certificate, and presence or absence on suspicious website lists, as well.

It contains elements such as Domain Creation Date, Website popularity, Domain blacklist status, HTTPS connection, Proximity to suspicious websites, Threat profile, Phishing profile, malware score, and Spam score.

While the first 4 of them are self-explanatory, let us talk about the last five. “Proximity to suspicious websites” means that, through either its servers, IP address or other online connections, alfresko.com.au has an association – on a range from 1 to 100 – to sites that have been flagged as suspicious. The higher the number is, the higher the proximity to these controversial websites is. Sometimes, the websites’ owners are not even aware that their site is in the very close vicinity of dubious ones, as both may be hosted on a platform that is not super safe. However, if the proximity to suspicious website score is very high (for example over 80) you can rest assured that the website is definitely risky. If it’s under 30, it’s not that bad.

According to the Details section above, the Threat profile, Phishing profile, Malware profile, and Spam profile scores are as you can imagine. These scores are based on the levels of risk within the website and its activity. The website may contain malware and its owners may not know (or may not know) so the virus could be spread, or perhaps the business’ email address has been tagged as spam.

According to the score, the numbers up to 30 are not extremely dangerous, whereas everything over that limit should be treated as a red flag.

Information additional to the above

It is important to remember that even the most successful businesses have some unhappy customers (think of people who give thumbs down to the most creative YouTube videos).

Although our review and ranking of alfresko.com.au are confidently determined based on the powerful factors we have at our disposal, you should still use common sense and attention to detail when conducting business there.

Check out how to stay safe online for more information.

What is your ranking for alfresko.com.au?

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