A Guide to Buying the Best Gents Fabrics


Best Gents Fabrics: Mature men adore wearing shalwar kameez on almost every occasion as this outfit can add grace to their style. However, choosing between stitched clothes and unstitched clothes is a prime undertaking each time. Pioneer of vertical blend inside the material area in Pakistan, Ittehad partakes in the situation with assembling a decent exhibit of items, going from the best quality cotton yarns to generally dazzling of home cloth and style textures.

Best Gents Fabrics

With this current monstrous activity in materials and synthetics, it has arisen as a gaggle that contributes enormously towards building a prosperous way forward for Pakistan. Shalwar Kameez is one of the development and nature of today’s trends. And here, we will reveal some of the basics on what you should look for in gents fabric before going for buying or tailoring. Read on to the bottom line as we have grabbed a bunch of information for you!

What are the types of Gents Fabrics?

Before you delve into the flow of the fashion trends, you should look for the types of fabrics. In this section, we will talk about the material that a man should consider to add perfect to their styles. So, read on! Ittehad has been dressing the ages of individuals for over a very long time with jazzy shalwar kameez textures. Dedicatedly providing food to many ages with the best nature of shalwar kameez textures with an interesting twist on customs.

Their Winter Collection for men guarantees simply that, including a wide assortment of shalwar kameez textures fit to suit each event. The impeccable styles are suitable for each event and are an absolute necessity for all men’s shalwar kameez this season. Along these lines, regardless of what your identity is and where you’re from, enjoy investigating the conventional side of your persona with the effortless Winter Collection for Men.

Cashmere (Khaddar)

Cashmere Khaddar is an incredible texture for salwar kameez in winters that will consistently give an immortal straightforwardness to the wearer. This elite texture is flawlessly aptitude. This is a well-established shalwar kameez texture that characterizes class and is known as the texture for the respectable men of the east. The most recent cashmere patterns are an unquestionable requirement for each courteous fellow this season.


Shalwar Kameez texture by Ittehad Textiles is perhaps the most pinned for an extravagant fabric, known for its unrivaled delicate surface, solace, and in particular warmth. Merino has effectively saved its quality and inventiveness for a long time. Overcome the crisp breezes this season hung sumptuously in Merino shalwar kameez and shalwar kameez petticoat.

Vision Mentor

Another colder time of year texture is Vision Mentor, traditionally planned texture for men’s shalwar Kameez has drawn motivation from city life and road wear, it was re-evaluated as a texture for the strong and smart present-day man. It enjoys the benefit of being very hip and snappy, giving the wearer a cleaned and somewhat felted appearance that will make you stick out. Vision Mentor additionally will in general seem the most lavish of the heavier textures for salwar kameez, as it is very delicate. It has consistently planned to charm customers to observe a customized feel of flashiness. It is an ideal decision for the advanced Pakistani courteous fellows.

Creation Mystic

The polish of Opus Mystic lies in its capacity to be warm and adaptable. It is for the most part utilized for pants yet through the advancement of our in-house configuration group, we have come to understand that it’s ideal for salwar kameez. This won’t just keep the wearer warm yet will give your outfit a seriously engaging look. For incredible tasteful mixes, it very well may be worn with various finished scarves, cloaks, and abdomen coats.


The breathable texture has a finished weave, it wraps well and can be best worn as a proper outfit. With its inborn capacity to make the wearer stand apart from the group, it’s for men who need to make a magnetic style articulation of their own.


For some, individual winter is more with regards to keeping warm than being up-to-date yet who says you cannot do both? Wearing the right textures will make you look exquisite and will keep you warm during the short, cold days. A decent winter texture ought to be solid, warm, and agreeable. Thinking about these elements has presented its new texture tradition for salwar kameez which is a chic texture for any closet. This pick of the period can be worn to keep warm and in vogue.


The ideal texture includes a progression of incredible extra characteristics solely. Jhalak can be worn in practically any climate and makes certain to adapt your outfit casually. Be it a suit or customary shalwar kameez it won’t just look incredible yet keep those crisp breezes under control too. Trim to the ideal outline of the puzzling man this gives your closet motivation to defy the season. This preeminent texture will give you the look that gets seen all over. So be a scene-stealer with the refinement of our conventional style.

Vision Vintage

The shy emphasized texture Vision Vintage keeps the outfit straightforward yet tasteful. It is the texture of immortal articulation to imply Less is more. Permitting you to explore different avenues regarding fabric without standing apart excessively, is an extraordinary way of releasing your imagination and style. Difference this shalwar kameez plan with various materials, particularly with quieted tones to light up your look without being excessively irregular.

Royal Range

This hot merchant thing can without much of a stretch take any shape or frame and can be effectively embellished. It looks stunning on the off chance that you pair it with some other material, there’s something perfect with regards to this material that makes it an extraordinary blend. This preeminent assortment is particularly for the individuals who like heaps of assortment in their closets.

Vision Elegance

Appreciate credibility at its best with excellent texture for salwar kameez. Vision Elegance is for the predominant man, who requests superior grade as his legitimate legacy. This shalwar kameez texture makes it certain to separate you and cause you to feel your best with a style that praises that refined courteous fellow.


Praise customs more than ever with Riwayat. Weaved with ageless polish texture for salwar kameez is consistent with its eastern roots. It is upscale but obliges solace. Along these lines, dress to intrigue while offering an intense social expression and champion in style at each case hung in this work of art.


They say an all-around created suit can represent the moment of truth of a man yet the establishment of an incredible outfit is its texture. While menswear originators try different things with new looks and outlines each season. This perfect texture for salwar kameez is one of a handful of textures that will undoubtedly stop people in their tracks. It’s an exemplary decision for men’s fitting.


This flexible material is best intended for salwar kameez in winter. There is nothing better compared to this incredible exemplary texture by Ittehad Textiles. Its lightweight surface is significantly more practical in contrast with different textures and is planned to remember the requirements of the advanced man. So, don’t rush the shopping process. First, learn the basics of gent fabrics, then take the next step ahead!


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