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Boersma Doug Obituary

According To – Boersma Doug Obituary – Know All the Details Here, The Boersma Douglas Obituary provides information about Doug Boersma’s current position and his accomplishments.

There was a mention of Doug Boersma in the news. What happened to him, who was he? When did he die? You searched for Doug Boersma. Did you find any information about him while searching? He is a well-known trainer from the United States. Read the obituary below to learn more about him.

Who was Doug Boersma?

Doug taught at BGSU’s Institute of Human Movement, Athletics, Leisure Time Studies, and also served as the Learning Coordination for Mid-American League Sports Medicine Organisation. Boersma, a Purdue graduate with a Bachelor’s in Athletic Training and membership of the National Athletic Coaches Association, entered the workforce in 1997. He completed his master’s degree in health promotion in 1999 after spending two years in Kentucky as an assistant on the graduate level. Doug began working on his passion at age. He agreed to be the head coach of Bowling Green State after four years.

What was the date of Doug Boersma’s death?

As of June 21, 2023, Doug Boersma died unexpectedly. Purdue Athletics has lost an important member of the family. The cause of his death is unknown. Doug is a 1997 Purdue graduate who has been a generous contributor to his beloved institution since joining in 2012. He is currently the senior associate athletics director for athletic medicine and efficiency. Following the sudden passing of his son, the family and teammates of Doug Boersma were shocked.

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Details of Doug Boersma’s obituary

The sudden death of Doug Boersma shocked many people. Boersma was an ex-football player for Purdue University, as well as an athletic coach at Bowling Green State University. Boersma will be remembered by his closest friends no matter what the details of his obituary are.


“In recognition of his dedication to the athletic program at Bowling Green State University and the institution, Boersma received two awards from the university,” Doug’s Net Worth is not made public, “the first-ever imitation of the phrase ‘18 Sports – One Team’ in 2008 and the Best Manager Employee Award by the Division of Student Affairs in 2010.” Doug was promoted to senior associate athletic director in 2010. In the article, Doug’s profile is expanded.

An online encyclopedia

  • Boersma, Doug
  • 1974 is my birth year
  • 49 years old
  • On June 21st 2023, he passed away
  • The marital status of the couple is married
  • I am Cari.
  • Three children
  • Ashlyn Kayden and McKenna are the names of the children
  • Unknown height
  • Unknown weight
  • Unknown net worth
  • Strength and conditioning director.

Highland, Indiana is Doug’s hometown

Doug Boersma is the father of McKenna Ashlyn and Kayden Boersma. Doug and Cari both attended Purdue. Doug Boersma is originally from Highland, Indiana.

More information about Doug Boersma

Boersma played for Bowling Green State in addition to Kentucky and Notre Dame. After Purdue awarded him his degree in 1997, he returned to BGSU where he served as the Education Coordinator for the Mid-American Conference Sports Medicine Association and part-time Professor at the School of Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies.

Boersma helped build two sports medicine facilities in Bowling Green (Ohio): the Sebo Athletic Center and the Stroh Center.

In conclusion

According to online sources, Doug Boersma died on the 21st of June 2023. A second process is followed by the police department. Many people have expressed their condolences to the family. Doug was a key member of the Purdue Athletics Team. Learn more about Doug here

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