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Lahore celebrates unique street food and provides a unique experience to local and international travelers. Lahore, the capital of Punjab, is a popular destination for food lovers as it makes a nest of delicious food that stays within everyone’s budget and there are many cheap restaurants.

The dream of all food lovers, be it college students, employers or self-employed, is to enjoy delicious food at an affordable cost and will look for “where can I get cheap restaurants near me”.

There are many restaurants in Lahore that offer lip-smacking food without breaking the bank. From the smell of mutton karahi to the fascination of fast food, there are many flavors that will make you fall in love with this city.

Foodnerd sought out the reasonable restaurants in Lahore to make the foodie’s life a little easier. There are many affordable restaurants in Lahore, but we have included them in the top 10 cheap food in Lahore.

Delicious Food & Cheapest Chain Restaurants

  1. Vira 5


Veera is located at 5 DHA and should be on the bucket list if you visit Lahore.

Vira 5 is an authentic Chinese and Thai restaurant that is very attractive due to its modern wooden furniture.

Veera 5’s specialties are Bang Bang Prawn and Classic Chicken Manchuria. You can enjoy vegetarian/non-vegetable items here and you will surely be their patron.

Location: Building No. 80, 5th Street 1, Sector C Phase 5 DHA, Lahore, Punjab

  1. Lahore Chatkara


Lahore Chatkhra, a combination of atmosphere and taste, is located in DHA and is mostly occupied by the local food, especially the students.

Lahore Chatkhara has a rich menu with a variety of chaat, ranging from palatalol to Afghani, fast food and local Pakistani cuisine. Thisone of the cheap restaurants will brighten up your day with a delicious breakfast platter and lassi.

Location: Plot C, 278, Sector FF DHA Phase 4, Lahore, Punjab

  1. Sarkape Karaku

The Dawa style tea and food on the roadside of Lahore is a sight to behold. Sark Pe Karak offers street food as well as a variety of tea options like Shami Burgers and Under Burgers.

He created a kitchen-like truck painted with traditional Pakistani truck art. This place is famous hangout La Hollis where you can play Ludo with your friends.

So, if you are passing through Model Town, you must stop at this place to have a drink of karaku chai.

Location: 2K, Commercial Area Block K Model Town, Lahore, Punjab

  1. Cock N Bull


For all the fast food lovers, Cock n Bull is one of the cheapest food in Lahore to satisfy your cravings without burning a hole in your pocket. This one is among reasonable restaurants in Lahore.

Their menu is huge, with everything from pizza flavors to Chinese, continental, desi and fast food. Moreover, their pizzas and burgers have different fan base and you will surely fall in love with their food.

Address: Shops 5, 6, 7, Ahad Arcade Main, Opp. Raja Sahib, Noorjahan Road, Block C 3 Gulberg III, Lahore

  1. Johnny and the Jugnu


Johnny and Jugnu’s has two stores in Lahore, both of which are equally stunning.

They provide high quality fast food without burning a hole in your pocket. The outlets are famous for burgers and wraps.

The menu is limited, but you can focus on quality food and it is very famous among the students. They claim to use the “best sauce” and please meet Johnny and Firefly to testify to it.

Address 1:28 Civic Center (Behind Mian Plaza) Johartown Block D 2 Phase 1 Johartown, Lahore, Punjab

Address 2: Shop 20 x CC Commercial Area Phase 3 DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab

  1. Avesamosa

Awesamosas is located in CSD Mall and is a great place to spend full time with friends and family.

All the food they serve is inspired by the local street food like samosas, various chaat and tea. Whether you want to have a light dinner, lunch or dinner, you can choose from a variety of burgers.

If you love South Indian tea, head straight to Awasamosa.

Address: CSD Mall, 161 Link 4, Cavalry Ground, Lahore.

  1. Sidiku Kebab Shop

Well, this is no fancy or trendy restaurant. Siddiqui Kebab Shop is purely for the delicious food they make.

Siddiqui Kebab grills some of the best kebabs in Lahore and gets their absolutely amazing spices and chutneys that will never let you down.

The prices are very reasonable and will surely make you their patron.

Address: Lahore, Model Town, Block D

  1. Bonfire


If you love barbecue and steak, this is the place you can go. Bonfires, as the name implies, are famous for their sizzling steaks and barbecue items that burn your lips.

The taste of their food determines their price. Apart from this, the hygiene level of the bonfire is very high, which is a plus point.

There is ample seating arrangement and proper customer service.

  1. Nisa Sultan


This one restaurant is a Turkish restaurant that has opened its doors to local food in Lahore.

The quality of their kebabs and rolls is very fresh and can be tasted.

The joint is one of the must-see places to eat Turkish food. They have some delicious sweets, including kanfe.

Address: MM Alam Road, Block C1 Block C1 Gulbarg III, Lahore

  1. Arnakar Arabian Food

Al-Nakhal is one of the best and cheap Arab restaurants in Lahore. The restaurant serves the best food in Lahore and you do not want to deny yourself the opportunity to try and savor the aroma of the food.

His lip-smacking cuisine includes Pakistani, Chinese, Arabic and Indian cuisines. Also, the inside of the store is charming and the service is excellent.

Address: Khayaban-e-Firdausi, Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore

So, if you are in Lahore and worried “can I get cheap food near me?” Answer is absolutely yes. Go to any of the above mentioned restaurants and explore your experience


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