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Discover Dick Hoyt’s cause of death!

At the age of 80, Dick Hoyt passed away. Online, there are many tribute videos of Dick Hoyt. He was well-known for running the Boston Marathon and other races with his disabled son. He died of heart failure. Dick Hoyt died at his home on Wednesday, 17 March 2021, according to sources.

Dick Hoyt died of what cause?

In Holland, Massachusetts, Dick Hoyt died from congestive cardiac failure after being diagnosed with a chronic illness by his brother and other family members.

Find out more about Dick Hoyt’s obituary & funeral!

Dick Hoyt’s obituary can be found online. Due to Covid’s restrictions, Dick Hoyt was buried privately by his family. His family did accept flower donations through the Hoyt Foundation for his memorial service.

On Twitter, Ed Markey posted a tribute. He wrote: Dick Hoyt was an unwavering father who loved his son Rick with all his heart. It is a magnificent example for all of us. Dick Hoyt will forever be remembered as a hero and a beloved icon of Boston Marathon.

Dick Hoyt and his family information!

There will also be information about the deceased family members in this Dick Hoyt cause of death article.

  • Alfred G. Sr. was his father.
  • Anna M. Jaworski Hoyt, mother
  • Hoyt, Alfred G. Jr.

Alice Sweeney (left), Ruth Ross, Arlene Garlington, and Kathy Cartwright.

The children are Rick Hoyt and Rob Hoyt.

Dick Hoyt’s marital status

The details of Dick Hoyt’s life are not available on the internet. He was married to Judith Hoyt and had two sons.

According to a Reddit user, Dick Hoyt completed 1000 races along with his son Rick, including 32 Boston Marathons.

Wiki about Dick Hoyt

Discover his nationality and more!

  • American nationality.
  • There is no ethnicity information available.
  • Unknown religion.

Dick Hoyt’s Career & More

  • After serving 35 years in the Air National Guard, Dick Hoyt ran marathons with his son.
  • His early life was spent in Winchester, Massachusetts.
  • North Reading High School – Education

Height & More about Dick Hoyt!

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  • Unavailable height.
  • The weight has not been provided

17 March 2021 is the deadline

As a result of Dick Hoyt’s death, the BAA’s Twitter page posted a tribute. The caption reads: “We were deeply saddened by Dick Hoyt’s passing.”

In conclusion

Sadly, Dick Hoyt died nearly two years ago. He will be remembered for the tremendous contribution he made to his son Rick Hoyt. Watch the video to learn more about Dick Hoyt’s death cause.

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