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Did Jackie Chan Disown His Daughter: Get Read More Details Hear-


Did Jackie Chan Disown His Daughter

According To – Did Jackie Chan Disown His Daughter – All the Details You Need to Know, Jackie Chan, the world-renowned martial artist and actor, has at all times been a public determine, with followers fascinated not solely by his movies but in addition his private life. A matter that has attracted vital consideration is the connection between Jackie Chan and his daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam. By participating insights and uncovered details, let’s delve into the intricate net of this father-daughter relationship.

The Genesis of the Father-Daughter Bond

Etta Ng Chok Lam’s Early Life

Born on November 19, 1999, in Hong Kong, Etta Ng Chok Lam is the daughter of Jackie Chan and Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, a former magnificence queen. The circumstances surrounding her delivery have been tumultuous, as Jackie Chan was nonetheless married to Taiwanese actress Joan Lin on the time. Initially, he didn’t acknowledge Etta as his daughter, which led to a media frenzy.

Jackie Chan’s Reluctance to Acknowledge

The affair with Elaine Ng Yi-Lei and the following delivery of Etta put a pressure on Jackie Chan’s picture. The martial arts icon, who was already married and has a son, Jaycee Chan, along with his spouse Joan Lin, was hesitant to acknowledge Etta as his baby.

A Strained Relationship Unveiled

Etta grew up largely with out her well-known father’s presence. Educated in Switzerland, she had a excessive consciousness of her lineage however by no means linked with Jackie Chan.

Etta’s Candid Revelations

In interviews, Etta has acknowledged that she doesn’t think about Jackie Chan as her father, referring to him as a organic mum or dad with no emotional bond. “He isn’t my dad. I’ve no emotions for him. He’s my organic father however he’s not in my life,” she was quoted as saying.

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Jackie Chan’s Emotional Reflections

In 2013, whereas selling the film Police Story: Lockdown, Jackie Chan opened up about his daughter throughout a press convention. He revealed that filming scenes along with his on-screen daughter moved him to tears because it reminded him of Etta, whom the media nicknamed “Xiao Lengthy Nu”. Jackie confessed, “I’ve uncared for her for the longest time.”

Etta’s Life Past Her Heritage

Regardless of the turbulence and absence of her father, Etta Ng Chok Lam has carved out her personal id.

Etta’s Coming Out and Advocacy Work

In 2018, Etta got here out as a lesbian and married her girlfriend, Andi Autumn. Since then, they’ve change into vocal advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, leveraging their platform to lift consciousness and foster inclusivity.

Constructing a Inventive Identification

Etta’s journey has additionally been characterised by her pursuit of artistic shops similar to artwork and pictures. She continues to form her path with dedication and authenticity.

Speculations Surrounding The Disownment

There have been rumors that Jackie Chan disowned Etta, some speculating that it was resulting from her popping out as a lesbian. Nevertheless, these claims stay unconfirmed and based mostly on conjecture.

The Unsure Way forward for Their Relationship

As of now, the connection between Jackie Chan and his daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam stays strained and distant. Jackie admitted to neglecting her prior to now however has but to debate their present state of relationship intimately.

Etta has careworn the importance of her relationship along with her mom and made it clear that Jackie Chan doesn’t play an integral half in her life. The longer term stays unsure for this father-daughter duo, because the years of estrangement have seemingly solidified their separate paths.


Jackie Chan’s relationship along with his daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam is a fancy and heart-rending story of

estrangement, layered feelings, and divergent paths. As Etta bravely carves her personal area of interest on the earth, the world watches with a curious eye to see if there might be any reconciliation sooner or later.Did Jackie Chan Disown His Daughter – All the Details You Need to Know



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