From Blac Chyna to Pia Mia : The Top Onlyfans Earners Revealed!


According To- From Blac Chyna to Pia Mia: Top Onlyfans Earners, In the aftermath of the 2020 lockdown, Onlyfans grew in popularity and was used by a lot of people for a wide variety of purposes by a large number of people. While many people joined Onlyfans solely for the purpose of meeting new people and chatting, others had a very clear motive of earning money. Recently, there have been many stories circulating on the internet about Onlyfans’ top earners who make millions of dollars a month.

As a result, many people have become interested in knowing about the content creators on the website and how they make money without doing anything substantial. In this article, we are sharing information about the top onlyfans earners.

In 2023, who will be the top earners at OnlyFans?

Even though the application has been around for years, it has gained popularity in the last few years, which is why people want to know about the top onlyfans earners chart 2023 so they can gather information about the people who are making so much money with it.

20 million dollars for Blac Chyna

The highest earner on the platform is Blac Chyna, originally known as Angelina Renee White. She has been doing so for a long time. Despite her popularity as a reality TV star and model, her account is not very complex since she has only uploaded 150 pictures that can only be viewed by those who subscribe. The monthly fee is not too high as people pay only $19.99 to view Blac Chyna’s posts every month.

The net worth of Bella Thorne is $ 11 million

You will be surprised to know that American actress Bella Thorne has earned more than one million within 24 hours of joining the platform and creating an account. There are around 24.3 million followers of the actress and singer on the platform and there is no nude content shared by her on the application. Subscribers only have to pay $9.99 per month to view the content shared by Thorne and now her account is a free account on the platform.

9.43 million dollars – Cardi B

The next onlyfans top earners you need to know about is Cardi B. American rapper Cardi B is one of the most famous people on the platform and there are 81.7 million people who subscribe to the account created by Cardi B. On the application, Cardi B earns a monthly income of $9.43 million dollars, making her one of the wealthiest people on the platform.

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$ 7.69 million for Tyga

According to the app, rapper Tyga earns $7.69 million a month. The main reason why 21.8 million people pay $20 monthly to view Tyga’s content on the platform is because of his very different account, where he shares behind the scenes of his music album and other developments in his musical career.

$ 4.3 million for Bhad Bhabie

It is said that Bhad Bhabie has more than 16 million loyal fans on his profile. She became famous after the show Dr. Phill an American Show with Phil McGraw. Right now, she is one of the top only fans leading the chart, despite joining the platform in 2022.

The price of Gem 101 is $2.3 million

Even having a high price for her subscription fee on onlyfans, Gem 101 aka Gemma McCourt still manages to get 1 million subscriptions on her account. As you can see, she has proven her words by joining onlyfans with the motto, “You don’t need to be famous to make money on onlyfans.”

Two million dollars for Pia Mia

A singer-model from Los Angeles, United States of America, Pia Mia has been posting her never-before-seen pictures on onlyfans since 2020. Furthermore, she is an actor and a social media influencer.

In conclusion

These are some of the top earners of onlyfans who are filling their banks with cash. These creators have used Onlyfans to earn money by selling their feet pics, exclusive images, videos, and chats, among other ways. It is apparent from these stats that onlyfans is a great place for earning money.From Blac Chyna to Pia Mia: Top Onlyfans Earners


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