Girl compared to Boy Metro Battle Around “Rs 1,000 Zara T-Shirt” Is Optimum Delhi


New Delhi: A fight over a metro teach in Delhi went ridiculous popular. Within a video shot from a traveler, someone is viewed slapping and reaching a son continually because he results a blow or too also, the two lacing their reductions with a selection of oral volleys.

“Mummy ko bolungi principal” (I am going to tell mom) and “tere jaisa ladka kisiko na mile” (No-one must have a man such as you) punctuate the mechanical drone from the relocating coach.

In the audible flashes of the intermittently coherent swap, it appears to be the case commenced within the child insulting a T-tshirt that this young lady experienced ordered.

“I purchased it for ? 1,000 from Zara,” she says. Which he replies, “Doesn’t seem well worth over ? 150.”


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