Grip Strength Exercises to Do at Home or In the Gym


Grip Strength Exercises

Our hand is everything. We perform regular activities through our hands. But sometimes our hands are getting tired too.

Do you find your grip very weak? It will be troublesome to perform regular activities. We have to understand that hands and forearms are anatomically problematic areas. Thus regular strengthening exercise makes your muscle stronger and firmer. But if you feel pain, take assistance from a physical therapist or sports massage practitioner.

Here we are talking about grip strengthening exercises which you can perform at home or at your gym. So read this article till the end for complete knowledge. 

The Bulgarian bag

It is a very different tool from any other tool available at your gym. It is generally not available at home. It falls under high-level physical exercise practice. The Bulgarian bag is made of leather. This equipment easily humbles your grip strength when you use it to perform spin overhead. The Bulgarian bag is like a thin, difficult-to-carry medicine ball, spins, swings, and squats that will instantly scream your forearms.

Captain of Crush Grippers

Hand grippers are available in eleven levels of resistance, ranging from a Herculean 365 pounds to a very easy 60 pounds. Beginners should start with three sets of 7 to 10 reps and end up with a 100 pound set two to three times per week. It is a convenient hand gripping therapy you can perform while you are watching your Netflix session. You don’t have to put too much attention into it.

Training Egg

Training eggs are just like stress balls which allow you to get world-conquering fingers. It not only strengthens your hands, also strengthens your fingers. You can perform this therapy at your office desk or a coffee table. It is mindless strength training. Training eggs are available offline and online with a different layer of resistance, including 20, 30, 40 pounds of resistance. Squeezing the eggs will help you to activate the tiny muscles of your hands.

A pull-up Bar

Simple hanging enhance your grip strength because you are bound to support your entire body weight. According to Denver’s strength and wellness coach Denver when an individual is hanging with his own bodyweight, he strengthens his hands, forearms, arms, back, shoulders, and chest. It may sound simple, but not so easy. Through a pull-up bar is a beneficial and productive exercise. You can perform it with both or single hands. Also, you may try out with various grips and shoulder engagement.


You have to activate the muscle for your grip to make you stronger. We would say there is no meaning of having racing tires on a race car if the engine is unable to create enough power to race in the mentioned place. Thus the simple set of dumbbells may create wonder to train your forearms and lats. If you are a beginner, then start with palm-ups and palm-down wrist curls.

Other easy-grip exercises to integrate into your fitness regime:

Bar hang:

Simply hanging from gymnastic rings or bars will help you to boost your gripping strength. If you cannot hang freely, we would suggest you put your feet on the ground for primary assistance.

It will help you to balance your body while hanging. You can practice for one minute to more.

Wrist curl/ reverse wrist curl:   

It is a very popular grip strengthening exercise. It can also boost your wrist strength by doing only ten repetitions.

Barbell levering:  It is an amazing wrist exercise that is not for the beginner, Just hold the bar with a single hand, off-centre, and lift it to parallel. You can lift it front and back. Experts suggest using a 15lb/5 kg bar or body pump bar for this. This barbell levering exercise can be done with PVC Pipe.

The workout will be more effective if you combine it with Plate pinch farmers.

A strong grip is always helpful.

You have to understand that you can’t be a strong person with weak hands. The whole world agrees wholeheartedly. And the ultimate thing is that grip strength is improved by continuous practice. You can’t strengthen your grips without proper training and practice.

You might have some queries about how you can perform the exercise in your normal routine or how you can follow up things to advance your lifts with safety and no injury. If you are entirely a beginner, take the assistance of a professional coach for better training. You will get training level-wise; you are really prepared for the next level when you achieve the first level. It is a gradual strengthening procedure. If you want to do full body exercise then you should try this total body enhancement program.

Hand gripping strength is the biomarker of our muscle health and cardiac health. Gripping strength says a lot of things about our body. If someone is suffering from weak gripping strength, he is at high risk of cardiac arrest or suffering from vitamin D deficiency which causes low bone mineral density. Thus, the occupational therapist advises practicing hand therapy exercises for better gripping strength and holding solid capacity. Weak griping power reflects your physical weakness.


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