‘History is the making’: Woman, daughter pilot first flight together.


A mom-daughter duo named Carol and Keely Petitt, correspondingly, produced history once they piloted a Southwest Airlines flight together. A heartwarming video featuring their story went viral online.

Mother-daughter duo pilot first flight together.


Carol and Keely Petitt piloted a Southwest Airlines flight together.

They grew to become the very first mother-daughter duo to do this.

Their heartwarming story is viral.

An excellent heartwarming video went viral online and we’re so wanting to share the whole story behind it along with you. So, the very first time ever for Southwest Airlines, a mom-daughter duo travelled exactly the same plane together. Yes, that is correct. Captain Carol Petitt and First Officer Keely Petitt produced history after piloting an plane from Denver to St. Louis on This summer 23. A relevant video of the heartwarming story went viral on the internet and is simply too best to lose out on.

The begins with Carol Petitt welcoming the passengers onboard and providing them the awesome news. “Thank all of you to be here. This can be a thrilling day for all of us as well as for Southwestern Airlines. A really big day. We are the initial mother-daughter duo ever around the deck of Southwestern Airlines.

As reported by Carol has worked within the aviation industry since graduating from college and has worked for Southwestern Airlines within the last 18 years. Keely also adopted in her own mother’s actions coupled with a love for flying since age 14.

“This mother-daughter duo made history as co-pilots on the airplane deck of Southwest Airlines,”


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