How can Chine shopkeepers buy quality clothes at the wholesale price with a drop shipping service with a 20% discount?


If you live in China and you buy wholesale clothes at the Online Store then you think that you pay a heavy amount in drop shipping and many other taxes! Yeah, I’m right, or if you are a small shopkeeper in China and you order wholesale clothes at the online store and after the drop shipping you get the wrong size of clothes so you lost your money because if you again send their clothes to the store then you pay again a heavy drop shipping amount! Yes, I am right I think yes, so you think what is the solution so I tell you if you are a small clothes shop in China then how you can get your clothes at the wholesale price and get a 20% discount in the drop shipping! Wow! wow! Wow yes, you read the truth,

Fondmart is the best online store with a big variety of clothes and if you buy wholesale cloth with Fondmart then you can get the drop shipping service the big surprise for you is that you get a 20% discount on the drop shipping service so click on wholesale clothing China and get you wholesale clothes and get many more custom services

Quality clothes at the wholesale price

So, when you shop online then you think what is the quality of the clothes? Yes, I am right so for this purpose you spent most of your time on the internet so what is the solution when you buy clothes online then also see the customer’s feedback

Why we different from others

Fondmart provides many custom services for those that visit our Fondmart official site and gets the best clothes


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