How Can One Prepare for the MPPSC Exam Without Coaching?


The Madhya Pradesh Public Services Exam or MPPSC is a highly prestigious exam. The purpose of the exam is to recruit the candidates of MPPSC in different government offices of Madhya Pradesh. The MPPSC Exam consists of two parts: the preliminary round and the mains round. Candidates need to have a proper idea of the exam to crack the MPPSC Exam. This article focuses on the techniques to prepare for the MPPSC Exams.

Preparation Tips for MPPSC Exam without any Coaching

Listed below are some preparation tips for MPPSC Exam for aspirants:

  1. Knowing the Syllabus: The first and foremost requirement of the preparation process is knowing and understanding the syllabus of the MPPSC Exam. The exam syllabus is quite detailed, so the candidates must know it in its entirety. Understanding the syllabus also makes it easier for candidates to analyze the exam in detail. It also helps candidates choose the most appropriate notes and study material to study.
  2. Prepare a timetable: This is one of the most crucial steps in the preparation process. After understanding and analyzing the syllabus, candidates must plan and prepare a routine covering all subjects they have to study. Candidates must prepare the timetable, ensuring that they give equal time to all the topics. They must prepare a study plan to cover all their weaknesses too.
  3. Practice mock tests: Practicing mock tests is one of the best ways to prepare for any competitive exam. MPPSC AE mock tests give a proper understanding of the exam to the candidates. It also provides a holistic idea of the questions in the exam. Mock tests help students analyze the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. They will also be able to abide by the given time limit of the exam by practicing mock tests following a time limit.
  4. Making Notes for the subjects: This is also one of the most vital techniques in the preparation process. Making notes helps the candidates remember and recollect crucial information during the exam. Since the MPPSC Exam has a detailed syllabus, candidates must separate the relevant information from the extra information. Through the process of making notes, candidates can easily do so.
  5. Reading Newspapers: Current affairs is an essential topic in the MPPSC Exam. It tests the candidates on their knowledge of the affairs of the world. Newspapers contain all the vital information about world affairs. Therefore, it is a crucial medium in increasing knowledge about current affairs. Reading newspapers also increase English proficiency among candidates.
  6. Solving Previous Years’ Question Papers: Solving previous years’ question papers also give candidates an edge in the exam, like solving mock tests. It provides candidates with a profound idea about the type of questions in the competitive exams. The previous years’ question papers also help the candidates analyze the essential parts of the vast syllabus of the MPPSC Exam.
  7. Revision: Revision is the last step in the preparation process. Once the candidates have covered all the topics in the MPPSC Exam syllabus, they need to allot time for recollecting and revising everything they have studied. The proper revision will help candidates recall all the vital information in the exam hall during the exam.


Properly preparing for the MPPSC Exam is vital since this exam can improve the careers of aspirants. It permits qualified aspirants to work in the government sector in Madhya Pradesh. Candidates must find suitable study materials and guidance to crack the MPPSC Exam. So, if you’re looking for a platform to help you clear the MPPSC Exam, platforms like BYJU’s Exam Prep are the right for you. BYJU’s Exam Prep is an online exam that provides the best study materials and faculty for all competitive exams.


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