How do managers support employee satisfaction and positive mental health at workplaces?

How do managers support employee satisfaction and positive mental health at workplaces?


Meeting deadlines, disciplining oneself at work, and upgrading self-knowledge takes a toll on employees. Their work performances and productivity slow down after reaching a point of burnout or beyond. 

When managers and team members work in tandem, they can be transparent and honest. 

Their work stress is lower, and employee satisfaction improves beyond estimations. However, that’s just one example of tackling negativity and unproductive behaviour at the workplace.

Hiring and reporting managers can use multiple smart ways to motivate nonchalant or indifferent workers. Using smart uKnowva employee engagement tools, they follow the trend of managers becoming mentors at workplaces.

To know what are those ways integrated with smarter people management solutions online, read the below post.

Clever Ways When Managers Turn Into Mentors To Improve Employee Satisfaction And Support Positive Mental Health At The Workplace:

Express your vulnerabilities for a better bond. 

Employees look up to you when you’re spearheading projects. They want to know your qualities and weaknesses. Because pain points are always helpful to bring people closer and deeply understand one another.

As a mentor, you must lay out your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It indicates to your subordinates or teammates that you’re just as human as they are. You need your boost of energy and motivation too. 

Watching you as an example of owning up to one’s vulnerabilities helps employees build a strong character at workplaces. They wouldn’t be that shy to express themselves on the social intranet platform seeing you do the same. 

This practice increases employee satisfaction and retention as the bond becomes better.

Check up on your teammates regularly. 

A strategic team leader has to check up on their team players or mates regularly. It helps in the reinforcement of skills, knowledge, and expectations. 

Often, without supervision or regular checks, employees start procrastinating. This leads to pending work. That, in return, increases their stress and demotivation levels. Hiring and talent managers participate in weekly calls to counterattack that negativity at the workplace. 

It helps teams realign their agendas for the week and month ahead. They know how to resolve issues on time. Nobody feels weak or isolated for a long while using the uKnowva social intranet system to frequent their catch-up calls. 

Bring positivity to work for constant encouragement. 

Employee wellness at work boosts when you bring positivity to work. This can be by:

  • Bringing fresh ideas to the table, indicating that even the boss can work like an employee.
  • Taking the team out for lunch/dinners, which could be free or paid in advance
  • Giving surprise day offs to overburdened teams. 
  • Rewarding and recognising teams and individuals working hard and smart, Whether through trophies, plaques, or other meaningful gestures, is essential.
  • Initiating more creative incentives for Millennials and Gen Zs like shoutouts on social media for hard work and tougher goals. 
  • Celebrate cultural and regional festivals with your teams and make them feel included. 
  • Respect everyone for bringing new and challenging suggestions or opinions. 
  • Not letting your team work past their predefined working hours. 

Bringing positivity to work can have variants. The above episodes bring teams closer and chisel their focus. They learn to do more in less time with laser-sharp focus. That positivity helps employees improve their critical thinking, leading to timely project delivery.

Teach employees how to rectify their mistakes calmly. 

The employee’s mental health deteriorates when one commits a mistake without knowing the process to rectify it. As a mentor, you show them how to rectify their mistakes with finesse using smart HR tech tools.

They can first use the uKnowva performance management system to ensure the delivery rate of their projects. Later, the entire HRMS helps them integrate employee progress in every domain.

That means each progress has an alignment with appraisal, leaves and attendances, compensations, recognition, and more. The system will allow employees to file for rectifications or regularisations. 

Admins and reporting managers approve of the same after re-evaluating their progress to date. This could not be hidden or manipulated. Each team’s progress is on the system. That is why employees learn to be more grounded and authentic for delivering projects fault-free.

Help employees let go of worry and stress.

As a mentor and guide to your employees, keep upgrading your stress management skills. This helps you to reach critical and logical steps for your subordinates who are under stress. 

You can gauge the stress levels from the live reporting system in your HRMS. This system helps you connect with your slow-performing employees proactively. 

Let them know how to develop soft skills and prioritise tasks at hand. Teach them that the work never ends. They have to plan their day progressively and productively. 

Show them how seniors manage their time with greater responsibility to run the business operations smoothly. Such real examples elevate employee satisfaction with their job roles and expectations. 

Show your team examples of time management.

Share your schedule with your teammates if possible. Show them how you manage your work using timesheets, calendars, and automated reminders for interviews and meetings. 

The uKnowva HRM system helps new-gen hiring and talent managers to manage their work hours well. With automated features, stress is less in delivering projects before the deadline.

Offer your employees the same tech tools. Let them explore the benefit of those tools and extension store plugins to automate their mundane tasks. 

In time, supervise their progress report. Let them see their progress report. It is another evidence for teams to know that their time management is improving. That, in turn, elevates productivity benchmarks to the next level.

This is a smart way to introduce people to technology to improve their processes and performances. When implemented continuously, employee satisfaction is predicted to rise above expected levels.

Include your team members in value-adding decisions. 

Employee wellness at work improves as expected when they vote and bring value-adding changes to their workplaces. Such activities make them feel nurtured, listened to, and respected. 

Employees need these opportunities to outgrow and outperform. They will ensure their engagements with the business and the system is on point. 

That happens when they are active decision-makers and change-makers for the corporate culture. It makes them active members of the firm’s community.


The digital world is never empty of choices available to managers for improving their team’s productivity. They can effectively increase employee satisfaction levels while implementing the above points. 

But these are not enough. With the uKnowva smart HRMS solutions, they find more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and promising opportunities every day. These are tech, process, and user-friendly practices managers learn and adapt to as they explore. 


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