How do you add text to a photo on my computer?


This short article explains how you can add text to some picture on Mac, Home windows, iOS, and Android. The data pertains to iOS 13, iOS 12, and iOS 11 Android 8 and seven macOS Catalina (10.15) through macOS Sierra (10.13) and Home windows 10, 8, and seven.

Add Text to Photos on iPhone While using Photos Application

For those who have an apple iphone with iOS 11 or later, adopt these measures to include text for an image.

  1. Open the Photos application and choose a picture.
  2. Tap Edit within the upper-left corner.
  3. Tap recption menus icon (three horizontal dots) within the upper-right corner.
  4. Select Markup within the pop-up menu.
  5. Tap the plus ( ) within the tools at the end from the Markup screen to include text. You might also need selections of a pen, highlighter, and pencil.
  6. Select Text within the pop-up menu. A text box seems around the image. You are able to move it around or re-size it by touching and dragging it. To alter the text’s font, tap the Font icon (small and big A inside circle).
  7. Tap the written text box a single article a floating menu bar. Select Edit to alter the written text, then type the written text you need to increase the image.

Photo with text description in Photos application on iPhone

Wish to use your photos? There are many great apps for adding conntacting photos.

  • Add Text to Photos on Android Using Google Photos
  • Google Photos includes a similar tool for adding text to photos:
  • Open a photograph in the search engines Photos.
  • At the end from the photo, tap Edit (three lines of horizontal type).
  • Tap the Markup icon (squiggly line).
  • You may also choose the colour of text out of this screen.
  • Editing a photograph in the search engines Photos on Android
  • Tap the written text oral appliance enter your preferred text.
  • Select Done when you have finished.
  • The Written Text and Done buttons

Using Illustrator Express for android and ios

Illustrator Express is really a free application that provides numerous methods to edit smartphone photos, including adding text. It is also a great option to your smartphone’s built-in photo editing tools. With Illustrator Express, you can include a text box and alter the font style, color, and alignment.

To include text to photos in iOS or Android using Illustrator Express:

If you do not use whatever photos whenever you open the application, make certain you’ve because of the application permission to gain access to your photos.

At the end from the screen are five icons. Swipe that toolbar left to locate and tap the written text icon.

You can now swipe through a range of text boxes in various styles and shapes.

Illustrator Express application on iPhone

Tap this area to maneuver it around around the image. Choose the edit icon (paper with pencil) within the upper-left corner from the text box to alter the written text.

Tap Font, Color, Stroke, or Alignment at the end from the screen to create other adjustments.

Editing text on images in Illustrator Express

Tap the rear button within the upper-left corner, then select Save to verify the alterations towards the image.

Add Text to Pictures on Mac Using Apple Photos

You may also add text to photographs while using Apple Photos application in your Mac. Just like the iPhone, you apply the Markup tool.

  • Open the Photos application around the Mac and choose an image to spread out it.
  • Select Edit towards the top of the screen.
  • Image in Photos application on the Mac

Within the upper-right area of the screen, choose the More icon (three vertical dots) and choose Markup in the drop-lower menu.

Photos application showing Markup menu location

Towards the top of the screen, choose the Text icon (T in the box) to put a box that reads Text around the image.

Text tool in Markup tools on the Mac

Click and drag the written text box to maneuver it around. Choose the Text Style icon (an uppercase A) to alter the font style, size, and color, then select Save Changes.

Type option in Photos application Markup

Microsoft Photos and Microsoft Paint for Home windows

You can include text to photos on the Home windows 10 PC using Microsoft Photos. For those who have Home windows 8 or Home windows 7, you will need to use Microsoft Paint. In Home windows 10:

  • Open the Photos application and choose a picture.
  • Within the upper-right area of the screen, select Edit & Create > Edit with Paint 3D.
  • Selecting create and edit options in Home windows Photos
  • Towards the top of the screen, select Text.
  • Choosing the Text option in Home windows 3D Paint
  • Click and drag to attract a text box.
  • Drawing out a text box in Home windows 3D Paint.
  • Enter your preferred text.
  • Text continues to be joined right into a photo in Home windows 3D Paint.
  • Around the right panel, choose the font, size, color, along with other formatting features.
  • Within the upper-left corner, select Menu.
  • Selecting to grow recption menus in Home windows 3D Paint
  • Select Save or Save as.
  • Saving the recently edited photo in Home windows 3D Paint
  • On Home windows 8 and Home windows 7
  • To include text to pictures in Microsoft Paint on Home windows 8 and seven:
  • Launch Microsoft Paint and open a picture.
  • Pick A present in the toolbar, then choose the photo.
  • Picking Out A in Paint
  • Click and drag to attract a text box.
  • Drawing a text box in MS Paint
  • The Written Text option can look within the menu. Here you are able to alter the Font, Background, and colours. Enter your preferred text.
  • Text joined within an image in Microsoft Paint


How do you add text for an image in the search engines Docs?

To include a text box for an image in the search engines Docs, paste or upload the look to your document and choose the look. Go to Image Options > select Transparency to regulate the transparency > copy the look > Insert > Drawing > paste the look. Next, choose the text tool, squeeze text box, type your text, and choose Save and shut.

How do you give a caption for an image in Word?

To insert a caption within an image in Word, choose the picture and visit References > Insert Caption. Type your caption within the caption box or click New Label for additional configuration options.

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