How to change Apple Watch band?


This short article explains how to modify your Apple Watch band. These instructions affect the Apple Watch first generation, Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5/SE, and Series 6.

How you can Remove Your Apple Watch Band

You have to be in a position to remove your Apple Watch’s watch strap before you change it with a brand new one.

  • Put your Apple Watch face lower on the smooth and clean surface, ideally a micro-fiber cloth or soft pad on the desktop.
  • Make certain your Apple Watch is turned off so you don’t accidentally tap anything.
  • Hold lower this guitar rock band release button on the rear of the Apple Watch together with your finger or finger nail.
  • There’s two band release buttons for every strap. They are located at the very top and bottom of the rear of the Apple Watch. The buttons are identical color as all of those other back from the Apple Watch, but they are simple enough to place.
  • While holding the button, slide this guitar rock band across to get rid of it.

When the band slides out, you are able to release this guitar rock band release button. When the band doesn’t slide out, try pressing this guitar rock band release button again and make certain you’re holding it lower.

Repeat exactly the same process for that remaining strap.

How you can Use a New Apple Watch Wrist Band

Inserting a brand new band is even simpler than taking out the old one.

Note: The Apple Watch does not make use of a standard watch band. You should utilize a wrist watch strap particularly designed for the unit. All Apple Watches make use of the same type.

  1. Make certain the little text on the rear of the brand new band is facing you.
  2. Tilt the brand new wrist band just a little to ensure that it’s using the position from the Apple Watch’s wrist strap slot.
  3. Slide the brand new band in before you feel and listen to a gentle click.

If you do not feel or hear a click, try sliding this guitar rock band out, then in again. When you are done, you are able to improve your Apple Watch face to fit your new band.

An Apple Watch using its wrist band partly attached

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