How To Choose A Printed Carrier Bag And What They Are Used For?


The amount of choice available to you when it comes to printed carrier bags can be overwhelming for a shop or business. There are three types of carrier bags based on their material: Paper carrier bags, Polythene carrier bags, and Eco-Friendly carrier bags. Each type of carrier bag has its own advantages, disadvantages, and uses.

Carton Bags Printed With Paper

Consumers often opt for paper carrier bags over plastic when shopping in stores. Several different printing techniques can be used on them, so they are durable and versatile.

Its versatility means that bags can be completely customized and can be finished with many different options, including Spot UV, foiling, hot foil, lamination, and, because they are made of paper, can be recycled. In addition to paper, type weight, and handle type, paper carrier bags can also be divided into three categories and available on Purse Obsession

Paper Bags Printed with Rope Handles

Typically, these bags range from around 170-300gsm (grams per square meter), making them stronger than paper bags. The bag can then stand on its own, owing to the strong gusset. Different printing techniques and finishes are available for customizing them. With punched holes, cable handles can easily be attached, and ribbons can be added for an additional special touch. The product line is ideal for retail stores, designers, boutiques, as well as fashion and jewellery retailers.

Handbags Featuring A Ribbon Handle And A Printed Insert

Luxury Rope Handle bags have all the same features, except that ribbons are used instead of ropes, adding a higher end feel to the product.

Custom Printed Satin Paper Bags with Closed Handles

Our unique way to fasten these is a unique way of manufacturing 170gsm to 250gsm papers. Over the top opening, you fold a Satin ribbon flap and secure it with a knot. The laminations and finishes are available in a number of options, making them a perfect choice for jewellery and other valuable items.

Paper Carrier Bags Printed With Recycled Paper

The paper is 100% recycled, creating an eco-friendly glow to your products, similar to Printed Luxury carrier bags which can be customized in many ways. Paper that has been recycled is typically thinner than paper that has not been recycled. Carrier bags of this type are usually between 100 and 180 grams in weight.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags With Printing

Since these machine-made carrier bags do not have rope added, they are an excellent value. Because of the low cost and large volume of twist handles, department stores favor them. Twisted handle carrier bags typically weigh 80-130 grams, are certified FSC, and are a great way for brands to promote themselves. 

Flat-Handled Printed Paper Bags

Frequently found in cafés, sandwich shops, card shops, and other quick and easy takeaway situations, they are perfect for many high street retailers. Manufacturing and printing them are inexpensive, as well as lightweight and fold flat. Due to their paper nature, the handles can also be printed on.

Paper Bags with Printed Die Cuts

These all-in-one products look clean and simple by having handles that are cut directly into the bag. In addition to being able to fold flat, this technique can handle a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes. Their simplicity makes them an ideal choice for large companies or stores with high volumes.

Paper Bags With Printed Handles

The retail industry relies heavily on these. Easily printed, reusable, and recyclable, they are perfect for many different types of customers in many different circumstances. Food brands around the world use them to promote their products since they are lightweight, low bulk, and highly cost-effective.


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