How to connect my phone to my LG Smart TV?


Watching videos on the smartphone or tablet works. However, if you need to LG Smart TV, rather of watching on the small smartphone screen, watch individuals images around the TV’s bigger screen.

Screen Mirroring Features on LG Smart TVs

One method to view your smartphone with an LG TV is by using Screen Mirroring. Just about all Android phones have this capacity. LG labels its Television screen mirroring feature as Screen Share.

Mirroring from iPhone/iPad to many LG Smart TVs directly might not be possible. However, you will find workarounds available discussed following the following Android screen mirroring section.

Using LG Screen Tell Android

The screen mirroring feature on several brands/types of smartphones might be known as:

  • Screen Share or Smart Share (LG)
  • Miracast
  • Wireless Display (also known as WiDi)
  • Display Mirroring
  • HTC Connect
  • Wi-Fi Direct

Here’s using LG’s Screen Tell Android phones:

  1. Switch on your LG Smart TV and choose Screen Share in the home menu.
  2. On the smartphone, tap Settings (or screen mirroring icon), choose where you can play media (or similar step), then select your LG smart TV in the device list. It could take a couple of moments for that phone to identify the television.
  3. Within the remaining steps, the telephone (HTC Android) is around the left and also the LG Television screen is around the right.
  4. Tap the LG TV listed to Initiate the bond procedure in your smartphone. The telephone and television displays their connection status.
  5. Your smartphone’s or tablet’s screen is going to be shown on the LG TV when the process is completed.
  6. Generally, smartphone content, onscreen menus, and setting options is going to be shown on the LG Television screen.
  7. Here is how mirrored content from the smartphone looks with an LG Smart TV with Screen Share.

Mirroring Smartphone to LG TV with Miracast

To finish a LG screen mirroring session, tap Disconnect inside your smartphone screen mirroring settings (if provided), turn the smartphone off, change to a new function around the TV, or turn the television off. If you are playing content from the specific application, it’ll cease playing if you are using another function in your smartphone.

Screen Mirroring With iPhones and iPads

Select 2019 LG TV models (OLED B9, C9, E9, W9, R9, Z9 series and NanoCell SM9X/SM8X, UHD UM7X series) with Apple AirPlay 2 support allow screen mirroring from iPhones/iPads.

For those who have an LG smart TV that isn’t AirPlay 2 compatible, possible workarounds include:

Third-party apps: Certain apps allow screen mirroring from your iPhone/iPad for an LG Smart TV, including Video and television Cast, Airbeam, Airmore, and Mirror for LG Smart TV Streamer Cast. LG does not guarantee third-party screen mirroring apps works on all LG Smart TVs a few of these apps could also be used with Android phones.

Indirect screen mirroring: You can do this from your iPhone/iPad for an Apple TV or Chromecast device, which passes the mirrored happy to an LG TV with an HDMI connection.

To make use of an apple iphone with Chromecast, the iPhone must be running iOS 6 or greater.

Additionally to smartphones, you may also mirror your personal computer or laptop for an LG TV while using Screen Share Application.

  1. Open the Screen Share application in your LG TV.
  2. On your computer, visit Settings > Devices.
  3. Select Bluetooth along with other Devices > Add Bluetooth or any other Device.
  4. Within the dialog box that seems, select Give a Device (Choose Wireless Display or Pier).
  5. Then, select LG TV and watch for confirmation.
  6. When your connection is confirmed, make certain the projection mode is placed to copy so that you can have an exact mirror of the PC screen around the LG TV.
  7. When the PC steps are complete, everything visible on your computer screen is mirrored around the LG Smart TV.
  8. To finish a screen mirroring session, choose the Disconnect prompt within the small black rectangular box around the very the surface of the PC screen, change to a new function around the TV, or turn the television off.

LG Screen Share may also be made by connecting laptop computer for an LG TV utilizing an HDMI cable.

Cast Smartphone Happy to an LG Smart TV

A different way to view content from your Android phone with an LG Smart TV is by casting.

LG Smart TVs incorporate DIAL (Discovery and Launch). This enables casting of select apps (presently YouTube and Netflix) from an Android phone or tablet for an LG Smart TV without getting to connect yet another Chromecast device.

Although much like LG screen mirroring you will find variations:

  • The smartphone or tablet and television have to be on a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Casting while using DIAL system is only for select apps.
  • Only submissions are proven around the Television screen. Smartphone setting icons stick to the smartphone screen.
  • While casted submissions are using your TV, you are able to perform other tasks in your smartphone simultaneously or perhaps power it down.
  • If the Android smartphone or tablet application works with casting while using DIAL system, a Cast Emblem can look on the telephone screen.
  • The application you’re casting must be placed on both smartphone/tablet and television.

Listed here are the steps for implementing this selection.

  • Switch on the LG Smart TV.
  • Open a compatible application (YouTube or Netflix) in your Android phone.
  • For casting while using DIAL system to operate, the application you are casting must be placed on the smartphone or tablet and television.
  • Tap the Cast icon towards the top of the screen from the selected application, then tap the LG Smart TV because the device you need to Cast to.
  • If the application includes a cast icon, however the LG TV is not listed, what this means is the information can not be cast towards the LG TV without adding an exterior Chromecast device.

You can now watch the information you chose in your smartphone around the LG Smart TV.

The Information Share Option

While Screen Share is easily the most direct method to mirror a smartphone or PC screen with an LG Smart TV, LG provides additional options through the TV’s Device Connector settings.

  1. Once the Device Connector is chosen in the desltop, you are come to a menu which includes connection choices for all devices, together with a smartphone or PC.
  2. The Screen Share application may also be utilized through the LG TV’s Device Connector additionally to immediate access in the home menu. However, since its function was previously mentioned, the next concentrates on the information Share option, which could simply be utilized inside the Device Connector.
  3. Select Content Share and you will be led through steps in your smartphone and LG TV.
  4. Once the steps are completed, you will see a photograph, music, and video file discussing menu in your LG Television screen. This enables you to definitely play compatible files in individuals groups out of your smartphone in your LG TV.

Device Connector PC Connection Prompt

Content Share also enables an LG Smart TV to gain access to and play compatible music, photo, and video clips stored on the PC or Laptop.

The LG Smart Share Application must be installed on your computer or Laptop for that Content Share feature to utilize both PC and television.

After selecting Content Share for Computers on and on through motivated connection steps on your computer and LG TV, you will see a photograph, music, and video file discussing menu in your LG Television screen. Whenever you pick a category, you can display compatible files stored on your computer in your LG TV.


How do you clean my LG Television screen?

To wash a Television screen, power it down and wipe lightly without pressure utilizing a soft, dry cloth. As needed, dampen the material with sterilized water or perhaps an equal ratio of sterilized water to white-colored vinegar.

Do you know the best picture settings in my LG TV?

For the greatest picture with an LG TV, make certain it’s home based Mode. Around the TV desltop, select Settings, then scroll towards the picture icon and employ the right and left remote buttons to change between different picture presets.

How do you alter the desltop on my small LG TV?

To personalize your LG TV’s desltop, press and contain the Recent Apps type in the Touch Keys bar, then select Desltop settings. After that, you are able to set the wallpaper, toggle the Smart Bulletin, and much more.

How do you fix a black screen on my small LG TV?

In case your LG Television screen is black, switch it on while using power button around the TV as opposed to the remote. Look into the HDMI cables, and check out plugging them into different ports. If you’ve still got trouble, unplug the television and wait 10-fifteen minutes before plugging it in. Then, contain the power button around the TV for 10-just a few seconds.

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