How to Contact Snapchat Customer Service


This short article explains how you can contact Snapchat support by trying through both Android and iOS versions from the application in addition to contacting through the official Snapchat support account on Twitter. Snapchat doesn’t give a customer support current email address or telephone number fundamental essentials how to make contact with them.

How you can Contact Snapchat

Adopt these measures to make contact with Snapchat customer care.

Before contacting Snapchat for any minor issue, consider checking if Snapchat is lower, It is also simple to reset your Snapchat password increase Snapchat customer care.

Open the Snapchat application in your iOS or Android tool and if required, register for your requirements.

  • Tap your profile/Bit moji icon within the top left corner.
  • Tap the apparatus icon within the top right corner.
  • Scroll lower up to the more Information section and tap Support.
  • On Android, the scroll towards the Support section and tap the I Want Help option.
  • A screenshot from the Snapchat application for iOS.
  • Tap the orange Call Us button.
  • A screenshot from the Snapchat application for iOS.

Choose the category that the issue falls under by tapping the circle left from it in the listing of issues given.

A screenshot from the Snapchat application for iOS.

Based on that which you choose, Snapchat might supply you with a secondary listing of issues to get more specific.

Browse the instructions provided to you after you have finished making your selections in the lists of issues given. There are attempted all or any from the recommended troubleshooting tips, go on and use them now.

Should you read and adopted the troubleshooting strategies for your unique Snapchat issue but still didn’t have luck solving it, return to the instructions for your particular issue (you might have to undergo steps 1 to 7 again) and scroll lower towards the very bottom from the page.

Locate a grey question block that states, Need assistance with another thing? Tap the YES button beneath it.

A screenshot from the Snapchat application for iOS.

This is not proven for each issue, which means you might or might not view it based on what your trouble is. If you do not view it, which means it isn’t a suitable problem for customer support that will help you with.

An entry form can look with several fields you are able to complete. Go on and complete your Snapchat username, your telephone number, your device details, the date you began experiencing your trouble, an optional screenshot attachment and extra information describing your trouble at length. You may even have to provide your current email address, with respect to the question you’ve.

A screenshot from the Snapchat application for iOS.

Tap the yellow SEND button when you are done.

  • If you love to not stick to the above steps with the application, visit Snapchat’s support website.
  • When Am I Going To Hear Away From Snapchat Customer Support?

Snapchat doesn’t specify any time-frame when ever you will probably hear away from customer support after submitting your entry form. Additionally, there are no be certain that you will will hear back, so, regrettably, all you are able do is sit tight and wait it.

If you are already a Twitter user, you could possibly get faster support compared to submitting an entry form with the application or website. Snapchat includes a support account on Twitter that’s constantly monitoring and answering relevant @mentions from Snapchat users.

Try Contacting Snapchat Support on Twitter

All you need to do is send a tweet or private message to Snapchat Support, and you can obtain a reply within a couple of minutes. The client service repetition running the account might charge a fee more information, provide a recommended solution or make sure your message continues to be forwarded to the Snapchat team.

You Are Able To Leave Feedback for Snapchat Too

When not a problem you are experiencing with Snapchat, but instead a concept or perhaps a suggestion you need to share, you are able to provide feedback to the organization. In the general listing of selections proven above in sixth step, choose the I’ve feedback option after which choose whether you’ve got a suggestion or perhaps a question. You’ll eventually become brought to some simple form where one can complete the facts of the feedback.

How do you delete a Snapchat account?

To delete a Snapchat account, you will need to achieve this using a internet browser. Visit the Snapchat account website and sign in. Under Manage My Account, select Delete My Account. Enter your login information and choose Continue. You will see a note that the account has been deactivated in thirty days.

How do you change my Snapchat username?

When you can’t improve your Snapchat username formally, there’s a workaround. Launch Snapchat and choose your profile icon or Bitmoji. Select Settings > Name and enter a brand new display name >Save. This latest name can look to buddies now rather of the username.


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