How to Delete a Blank Page in Word


How you can Remove an empty Page in Word

How you can Delete a webpage That Will not Delete

Removing Blank Pages Associated with Tables

Options to consider

  • Delete the blank page icon within the Navigation pane underneath the View menu.
  • Find and delete any page break allowing the blank page.
  • Adjust sizing or delete paragraph markers after or before a table in the finish of the document.

So, you want to remove an empty page in Word. Usually, pressing the delete/backspace key in your keyboard enough occasions should work all right. However, sometimes it might not be so simple.

How you can Remove an empty Page in Word

The simplest way to get rid of an empty page in Ms Word is just while using delete/backspace key. However, your cursor placement before deleting is essential.

Begin by placing the cursor at the end from the blank page in Word. If there’s any space towards the top of the next page, you may want to put the cursor at the beginning of that blank line to get rid of any other blank space.

Cursor towards the top of a webpage in Ms Word

Press the delete/backspace key around the keyboard until you have deleted every blank line and also the entire blank page is finished. You may want to adjust any remaining blank lines, so the beginning of the following page begins towards the top.

Screenshot of deleted blank page

Another method of delete an empty page in Word is as simple as placing the cursor towards the top of the blank page, holding lower the Shift key, and pressing the lower arrow around the keyboard before the entire blank page is chosen. Once you have done that, you are able to press the delete/backspace key (only once) to delete the entire blank page.

  • Screenshot of choosing entire blank page first
  • How Do You Delete a webpage in Word That Will not Delete?

If you have attempted the procedure above, however the blank page did not delete, there might be several reasons. Blank pages might not always appear particularly layout views, or some formatting issues in Word can generate blank pages even if none turns up within the page layout view.

How to delete the blank page in normal view, try deleting it within the Navigation pane. Choose the View menu, and let Navigation Pane within the Show portion of the ribbon.

View tab and Navigation Pane box in Ms Word ribbon

Within the Navigation pane around the left, choose the blank page in the listing of pages. Once it’s highlighted, press the delete/backspace key, and also the blank page should disappear.

Blank page highlighted within the Ms Word navigation pane

Something that induce an empty page you cannot delete happens when you or any other user placed a webpage enter the page. You are able to obvious this by making certain a webpage break starts a brand new page, which enables you to delete the blank page. To update this setting, choose the Layout menu and choose Margins within the ribbon. Then, select Custom Margins.

Layout Tab and Custom margins in Ms Word

Choose the Layouts tab. Within the Section start dropdown, select New page. Select OK. It ought to result in the blank page display inside a new section so that you can delete it.

Layout tab and New Page in Ms Word Page Setup window

An embedded page break is yet another way users can produce a blank page. Determine should there be a webpage break by searching for visible formatting marks. Select File, Options, and Display within the left pane. Let the checkbox left of Show all formatting marks. Select OK.

Display tab and Show all formatting marks in Ms Word Options window

Scroll using your document and appear with the formatting marks. Search for the Page Break formatting mark, hopefully, round the blank page you need to delete. Just highlight the formatting mark and press the delete/backspace answer to delete the blank page.

  • Page Break formatting mark in Ms Word
  • Tables and Blank Pages in Word

A table placed in the finish of the page may also produce a blank page in Word. Tables instantly possess a paragraph in the finish, developing a blank page in the finish of the document.

You might be able to remove this blank page by putting the cursor at the outset of the blank page and pressing the delete/backspace key. If the does not work, proceed to the following fix.

Cursor towards the top of a webpage in Ms Word

Enable formatting marks utilizing the same process because the section above. Highlight the paragraph marker underneath the table, right-click, and choose Paragraph. Make certain Indentation and Spacing sizes are in a position to 0pt.

Indention set to 0pt in Ms Word paragraph window

In the event that did not work, right-click on the paragraph mark and alter the font size the paragraph towards the tiniest setting.

Font size in Ms Word paragraph toolbar

Try making the paragraph hidden. Highlight the paragraph mark, choose the callout arrow within the Font portion of the Home menu, and let the checkbox left from the Hidden option under Effects.

Callout arrow in Word ribbon and Hidden within the Font window

If everything else fails, try deleting the paragraph marks over the table to create the table far enough up in the last page, therefore the blank page below disappears.

Paragraph table at the end of the page in Word


How do you add page figures in Ms Word ?

To include page figures in Word, visit Insert > Page Number > Surface of Page (Header) or Bottom of Page (Footer). Under Alignment, select Left, Right, or Center.

How do you duplicate a webpage in Ms Word?

To copy a webpage in Word, highlight all of the text around the page you need to duplicate, including blank lines, and press Ctrl C to repeat. Then, insert a brand new blank page and paste the copied text using Ctrl V.

How do you insert a webpage in Ms Word?

To insert a webpage break, put the cursor in which you want the brand new page to start and visit Insert > Blank Page. You may also make use of the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Enter.

How do you remove extra breaks in Word documents?

To get rid of page breaks in Word, press Ctrl Shift 8 to exhibit section breaks, then put the cursor left from the break and press Delete. You may also visit Find & Replace, enter ^p^p alongside Find and ^p alongside Replace.

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