How to Drop a Pin in Apple Maps on iPhone


Learn to drop a pin in your iPhone so you will never be lost and may share your exact place together with your contacts, or save locations for custom maps and directions.

Instructions in the following paragraphs affect I-phones and iPads running iOS 11 and then.

Launch Maps in the iPhone Desktop. The screen opens for your current location having a blue pin highlighting in which you presently are.

  • Tap and contain the location where you need to drop a pin.
  • Maps icon, marker, dropped pin in iOS Maps

If nothing turns up on screen, you may want to focus into the spotlight to create an exact location.

Select Edit Place to reveal a satellite picture of the chosen location.

You are able to drag the look around to create the right location from the pin, or select Done if you’re pleased with the place.

  • Edit Location, Marked pin in Maps for iOS
  • Ways to get More Out Of Your Apple Maps Pin
  • Once you pin an area, swipe on the Marked Location pane to see more options:

To obtain the fastest path to the place, select Directions. The iPhone determines when the location is close enough that you should walk or maybe it must provide instructions for driving or riding on the bus.

To transmit the place to a different or existing contact in your iPhone contacts list, select Create New Contact or Increase Existing Contact.

  • Directions button, Create New/Increase Existing Contact in iOS Maps
  • To get rid of reasonable location, press and contain the pin and choose Remove Marker.
  • How you can Save Pins as Favorites on Apple Maps

If you wish to make use of a pinned location later on, save the marked place to the Maps application with the addition of it for your Favorites. This will make it simpler to discover.

  • Within the Maps application, choose the pin.
  • Swipe on the Marked Location pane.
  • Select Increase Favorites. The specific location will default towards the nearest address or landmark.

In iOS 11 and 12 you’d be motivated to mention the place upon adding it to Favorites. With iOS 13, you have to alter the name in the Favorite Locations menu.

  • Favorite button, Save button, Saved location in iOS Maps
  • How you can View Favorite Locations in Maps on iPhone
  • To determine the locations you’ve marked as favorites:
  • Swipe on looking bar at the end from the Apple Maps screen.
  • Near the Favorites, select See All.
  • Pick a place to display it into the spotlight. Choose the Info icon to edit the place, including its name.
  • Search field, Favorites places, Favorites tag in iOS Maps

How you can Share Pins

You can share where you are and dropped pins with buddies. The Proportion option is incorporated in the same screen because the Favorite option.

  • Tap a pin or pick a Favorite Location.
  • Swipe on the Marked Location pane.

Select Share.

Select Message to transmit an imessage or SMS text which has the place and direction details attached.

Marked location, Share button, Message button in iOS Maps

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