How to Find Lost AirPods With Find My AirPods


You will need an iOS device or Mac with Find My iPhone activated before you decide to lose your AirPods, or it will not work.

In your iOS device, tap Find My > Devices > tap your AirPods. Their current location can look on the map.

Register to, select Find iPhone > All Devices and select your AirPods. Or launch Find My on the Mac.

This short article explains ways to use the Find My function to discover lost AirPods utilizing an iOS device with Find My iPhone switched on, via iCloud on the computer, or while using Find My application placed on your Mac. Instructions affect both AirPods and AirPods Pro and iOS devices with iOS 10.3 and greater.

Using Find My to locate Lost AirPods on iOS

Here’s how to locate your lost AirPods making use of your iPhone or any other iOS or iPadOS device with Find My enabled.

The Find My feature should be enabled in your iOS device before you decide to lose your AirPods. There is no method to switch it on after you have lost a tool. Whenever you setup Find My with an iPhone, iPad, or ipod device touch, the feature is instantly enabled for the AirPods, too.

  • Open the pre-installed Find My application in your iOS tool and tap Devices.
  • Scroll using your listing of devices and tap your AirPods.

You will see your AirPods plotted on the map within their current location or last known location. Tap Directions to obtain driving directions in Apple Maps for their location.

When the lost AirPods can not be found, you will see No Location Found (more about this below).

iPhone Find My application with Devices, AirPods, and Directions highlighted

In case your AirPods aren’t in the same location, the map is only going to show one of these at any given time. Discover the AirPod proven into the spotlight and set during the situation. Then, refresh the map, and also the map can have another AirPod that will help you think it is.

Using iCloud to locate Lost AirPods

  1. Do not have an iOS device handy? Locate your lost AirPods from the computer using iCloud by using these steps:
  2. Visit iCloud and register together with your Apple ID.
  3. inside a browser with Apple ID sign-in highlighted
  4. Tap Find iPhone.
  5. inside a browser with Find iPhone highlighted
  6. Choose All Devices. (You might be needed to register again.)
  7. iCloud Find My with all of Devices highlighted
  8. Choose your AirPods.
  9. iCloud Find My with AirPods highlighted
  10. The present, or last known, location of the AirPods is plotted on the map.
  11. AirPods highlighted on the map in iCloud Find My
  12. You may also make use of the Find My application placed on your Mac to locate your AirPods. Launch the application, tap your AirPods, and examine their whereabouts on the map.
  13. How to locate Your AirPods With Find My on the Mac

You may also make use of the Find My application placed on your Mac to locate your AirPods.

Launch Find My in your Mac through Spotlight Search, Launchpad, or perhaps your applications folder.

Find My application highlighted in Spotlight Explore a Mac

  • Tap Devices.
  • Devices highlighted in Find My application on the Mac
  • Tap your AirPods. You will see their whereabouts on the map.
  • Find My application on Mac with AirPods highlighted as well as on map
  • Steps to make Lost AirPods Play a Seem
  • In case your lost AirPods are near all of your Apple devices and linked to Bluetooth, you are able to play a seem to assist locate them. Here is how:

Either in the Find My application (on iOS and iPadOS devices or on the Mac) or perhaps in the Find iPhone portion of iCloud, choose your AirPods.

  • On iOS, tap Devices > [your AirPods] > Play Seem.
  • Play Seem highlighted in iOS Find My application
  • On iCloud, select All Devices > [your AirPods] > Play Seem.
  • Play Seem highlighted on Find My on
  • Within the Find My application on the Mac, tap your AirPods into the spotlight after which tap Play Seem.
  • Find My application on Mac with Play Seem selected

A seem will have out of your AirPods that will help you see them if they are nearby. You may choose to experience the seem either to the Right or left AirPod. Tap Pause and finish the seem.

How to proceed if you cannot Find Lost AirPods

There’s a couple of explanations why you will get a No Location Found message when you are looking for your lost AirPods.

Should you did not switch on Find My before your AirPods went missing, you will not have the ability to see them. In case your AirPods aren’t billed, they will not be located until they are recharged. If they are from selection of your iOS device, they will not appear.

If you notice no Location Found message, you cannot play a seem to locate your AirPods, however, you could possibly get directions towards the location where these were last connected.

We hate to state it, but when all this does not work, you might have to take a look at purchasing new AirPods. If you are regarding this with Apple, however, there are many other great headphones for sale to enable you to get back in line, too. If you have only lost one AirPod, you can purchase a substitute from Apple after which connect the substitute AirPod.

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How do you find my AirPods situation?

In case your AirPods aren’t inside your situation, there is no precise strategy for finding the situation. That you can do some sleuthing, however. Visit Find My > Devices and discover your AirPods. Locate a eco-friendly or gray light through the AirPods. Eco-friendly means the situation is near, while gray means it is not.

Can One find my AirPods if they are within their situation?

For those who have AirPods Max, you can discover their whereabouts in Find My for approximately 18 hrs during their situation.

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