How to Fix A Not Working Keyboard On HP Laptop?


This short article provides troubleshooting tips to obtain your keyboard going again very quickly.

Reasons an HP Laptop Keyboard Will not Work

There might be several reasons your hp laptop keyboard not working will not work, including:

  • A locked keyboard.
  • Outdated or corrupted motorists.
  • Interference using their company connected keyboards.
  • Dirty keys.
  • A broken keyboard.

How you can Fix an HP Laptop Keyboard

These troubleshooting steps begin with easiest and many prone to try to the toughest and least prone to solve the issue.

  • Restart your pc. From time to time, errors can occur in motorists, firmware, or software which will obvious out whenever you restart your pc. Once you have restarted, look at your keyboard to find out if it’s responding.
  • Unlock your keyboard. Some HP laptops possess a shortcut that will help you to lock your keyboard to avoid undesirable touches. Regrettably, it’s not hard to trigger this shortcut accidentally, so even though you don’t believe you’ve locked the laptop keyboard, press and contain the right Shift key for 8 seconds. Carrying this out should unlock the laptop keyboard therefore it will start responding again.
  • Remove and switch off any exterior keyboards linked to your laptop. If you are utilizing an exterior keyboard together with your laptop, may possibly not recognize the built-in keyboard. Try disconnecting from the exterior keyboards and powering them lower completely so that they don’t instantly reconnect (because they might when they use Bluetooth connections).
  • Switch off Cortana. Despite being helpful, Cortana can occasionally hinder other functions in your laptop. Try disabling it to find out if it will get your keyboard working again.
  • Clean your keyboard. Spent considerable time at the computer. And also you shove it inside your laptop or bag and bear it everywhere. It’s to become expected the laptop keyboard will get dirty, which may cause problems. Provide a great neat and then find out if it starts working again.
  • Run Home windows Troubleshooter. Home windows Troubleshooter is really a built-in tool that could possibly identify and repair whatever causes your keyboard to become unresponsive. Run the troubleshooter, and sort out any suggestions it returns.
  • Improve your motorists. Outdated or corrupted motorists could stop your keyboard from connecting and responding. Update the motive force, restart the pc, after which test the laptop keyboard again to find out if it’s working again.
  • Look at your keyboard language settings. If you’re able to, look at your keyboard settings to make certain you are while using correct settings for that keyboard that’s installed.
  1. Visit Start > Settings > Time & Language.
  2. Select Region & language and make certain British is chosen.
  3. If it’s not, choose Options and choose US.
  • Try an exterior keyboard. This will not repair the problem, however if you simply can connect and employ an exterior keyboard, you’ll be able to narrow lower the issue rapidly either to the built-in keyboard’s connection or even the keyboard itself.
  • Disable other input methods. The home windows Collaborative Translation Framework (CtfMon.exe) is made to allow multiple input types, together with a keyboard, touch, and stylus. However, it may also hinder your keyboard. Try disabling ctfmon.exe to find out if that may help make your system default to the laptop keyboard.

Know When you should Seek Repair

If you have attempted the steps above and not one of them labored, then it may be time for you to get in touch with the experts, or at the minimum, somebody that feels well informed about digging around within your laptop’s situation. If you are unsure who to go to next, read How Do You Get My Computer Fixed? for many quick tips about how to proceed next.

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