How to Fix It When Your Fire Stick Remote Is Not Working


The Fireplace Stick along with other Fire TV devices use remotes which are quite different from the majority of the other remotes around your home. Working out why your Fire Stick remote all of a sudden eliminate can be challenging however these seven troubleshooting tips will help.

What Can Cause a fireplace Stick Remote to prevent Working?

There are plenty of products that induce a fire Stick remote to prevent working, or prevent one from ever working to begin with. The most typical issues include issues with the batteries, obstructions that block the signal in the remote, and interference using their company electronics. Remember, if everything else fails, you can test resetting your Fire Stay with its factory settings.

Listed here are the most typical causes of a fireplace Stick remote to prevent working:

Batteries: The most typical reason why Fire Stick remotes not working is battery problems. Incorrectly placed batteries, low battery charge, and other associated issues all can result in a Fire Stick remote to prevent working.

Pairing: In case your remote is not combined with your Fire Stick, it will not work. Substitute remotes always have to be paired prior to using them.

Distance: Fire Stick remotes use Bluetooth, not infrared, so there is a theoretical selection of about 30 ft. The particular range is usually lower.

Obstructions: You do not need an immediate type of sight involving the Fire Stick and remote, but obstructions can drastically lessen the range.

Interference: Devices that may hinder Bluetooth connections can stop your remote from working properly.

Compatibility: If you have obtained a substitute remote for the Fire Stick, make certain they are compatible.

Damage: Exterior damage, like water damage and mold, and internal problems because of unsuccessful components may cause your Fire Stick remote to prevent working.

Check Fire Stick Remote Battery Problems

The most typical reasons that Fire Stick remotes cease working all relate to the batteries. The primary concern is that Fire Stick remotes use Bluetooth rather of infrared, and also the Bluetooth connection may become erratic once the batteries get low.

Fire Stick and Fire TV remotes are fairly power hungry compared to other remotes. If you are using your Fire TV device a great deal, you will probably undergo batteries quicker than you may expect. So even though you replaced your batteries lately, will still be worth checking them.

Here is how to eliminate the batteries as being an issue whenever your Fire Stick remote reduces:

Take away the batteries out of your Fire Stick remote.

Focus on the way the batteries were installed, and make certain they were not backwards. When they were backwards, reinstall them and check out the remote again.

Look within the battery compartment, and you’ll visit a diagram that shows how to set up the batteries.

Install new batteries.

As your Fire Stick remote uses Bluetooth rather of infrared, batteries that actually work fine inside your TV remote might not work when swapped to your Fire Stick remote. Use completely new batteries if at all possible.

When the remote still does not work, try different batteries.

Rechargeable batteries only provide 1.2V, when compared with 1.5V from alkaline batteries. For those who have challenge with rechargeables, try fresh alkaline batteries.

When the remote still does not work, the batteries most likely aren’t your condition.

Trobleshoot and fix Remote Pairing Problems

When you purchase a brand new Fire Stick or Fire TV device that is included with an online, the remote should be paired. Which means when you initially setup your Fire Stick, or Fire TV device, it ought to already recognize inputs in the remote without you getting to complete anything special.

In some instances, you might find the Fire Stick and remote were not paired, or that the Fire Stick and remote grew to become unpaired with time as a result of glitch. When that occurs, repairing the remote typically takes proper care of the issue.

When you purchase a substitute remote, a person always has to pair it before technology-not only.

Here is how to pair a fireplace Stick remote:

  • Connect your Fire Stick and make certain it’s on.
  • Wait for a Fire TV as well up.
  • Hold your remote near your Fire Stick.
  • A Fireplace Stick and Fire Stick remote in close closeness.
  • Press and contain the Home button in your Fire TV remote.
  • Fire Stick remote Home button
  • Continue holding the house button not less than ten seconds.
  • Release the house button, if the remote works.
  • When the remote still does not work, try holding lower the house button again. Often it takes several attempts with this tactic to work.
  • Find out more about pairing a fireplace Stick remote

Eliminate Distance and Obstruction Issues With Fire TV Remotes

Fire Stick and Fire TV remotes use Bluetooth rather of infrared, so you do not need an immediate type of sight between your remote as well as your device. You do not even have to point the remote at the device, since the orientation from the remote is not related to the effectiveness of the Bluetooth signal.

Bluetooth devices such as the Fire Stick remote possess a theoretical selection of about 30 ft, but many of things can help to eliminate that range. Any obstructions between your remote and also the Fire Stick or Fire TV can drastically reduce the plethora of the remote.

Here is how to check on whether distance or obstructions are the problem:

Move your remote physically nearer to your Fire Stick.

Remove any obstructions involving the remote as well as your Fire Stick.

When the remote only works whenever you hold your remote behind your TV, or when you’re not far from your TV, make use of the Fire Stick extension dongle to reposition the unit.

You might need a longer extension to maneuver the fireplace Stand out from behind the television when the TV is mounted inside a recess or perhaps an entertainment cabinet.

For those who have your Fire TV device placed in a entertainment cabinet, or perhaps a similar enclosure, take it out of the enclosure and find out in case your remote works.

Fire Stick Remotes and Interference

Bluetooth has some benefits over infrared, like how not getting a type of sight between your remote and also the Fire Stick only cuts down on the range rather of stopping the remote from working whatsoever. However, Bluetooth remotes are inclined to interference that infrared remotes aren’t.

Determine for those who have the following devices anywhere near your Fire Stick:

  • Microwaves
  • Wireless loudspeakers
  • Unshielded coaxial cables
  • Wireless phones
  • Wireless loudspeakers
  • Other wireless devices

For those who have any wireless devices or other things that may cause Bluetooth interference, near your Fire Stick, try moving them. In the event that is not a choice, try shutting them lower and unplugging them individually to find out if that enables your Fire Stick remote to operate. Which should permit you to find out the supply of the interference and cope with it accordingly.

How you can Repair It Whenever a Fire Stick Remote’s Volume Isn’t Working

Fire Stick Remote Compatibility

In case your problem began whenever you obtained a substitute Fire Stick remote, and also you were not able to effectively pair it, you might possess a compatibility issue.

There are many generations of fireside Sticks, other Fire TV devices, and Fire TV remotes, plus they don’t all interact. Before choosing an online, look into the description of product to make certain it really works together with your model.

Use the fireplace TV Phone Application

If you have exhausted all your options, your Fire TV remote might have malfunctioned, or it might have been broken. The best choice, for the reason that situation, is to find a substitute remote. Meanwhile, you are able to really make use of your Android or iPhone like a remote for the Fire Stick or Fire TV device.

The Fireplace TV remote application running with an Android phone.

To manage your Fire TV device having a phone, you have to install the fireplace TV remote application. Here’s where you’ll get it:

  • Android: Fire TV remote application on the internet Play.
  • iOS: Fire TV remote application around the application store.
  • Kindle: Fire TV remote application around the Amazon . com application store.
  • Here’s ways to get it dealing with your Fire Stick or Fire TV device:
  • Plug your Fire Stick or Fire TV device in and watch for it as well up.
  • Install the fireplace TV remote application, and launch it.
  • Sign to your Amazon . com account within the Fire TV remote application.
  • Select your Fire TV device in the listing of devices within the application.
  • Wait for code to look in your television, and come in within the application.
  • There you have it, your phone will be the Fire TV remote.
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