How to Get Fortnite on Chromebook


This short article explains two workarounds to get Fortnite on the Chromebook, despite the fact that Epic Games does not support Linux or Chrome OS. We’ll go through how you can sideload the Fortnite Android application, or use Chrome Remote Desktop to experience your Home windows or macOS form of the sport remotely.

How you can Sideload the Fortnite Android Application In Your Chromebook

While you can sideload the Epic Games installer and how to play fortnite on chromebook, it is a fairly complicated process, also it does not use most Chromebooks.

You need to enable developer mode, enable Android apps, enable apps from unknown sources, and download the Epic Games launcher yourself utilizing an Android phone. In the end that, in case your Chromebook does not result in the grade, you will not have the ability to install or play Fortnite.

Here is how to sideload Fortnite in your Chromebook:

  1. Switch on Chome OS developer mode in your Chromebook.
  2. Switch on Android apps for Chrome OS in your Chromebook.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Google Play Store > Manage Android Preferences.
  4. Tap Security.
  5. Tap Unknown Sources.
  6. Navigate to with an Android tool and save EpicGamesApp.apk when motivated.
  7. Connect your Android phone for your Chromebook having a USB cable, and transfer EpicGamesApp.apk for your Chromebook.
  8. Run EpicGamesApp.apk in your Chromebook.
  9. Click Package Installer.
  10. Click or tap Install.
  11. Click or tap Open.
  12. Click or tap Install.

If you notice a grey DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED box rather of the yellow install button which means your Chromebook is not able to running Fortnite.

13. Complete cellular phone, and begin playing Fortnite.

How you can Play Fortnite on Chromebook Using Chrome Remote Desktop

In case your Chromebook is not able to installing or running the Android form of Fortnite, you can test playing through Chrome Remote Desktop. It is really an application that connects your Chromebook to some desktop or laptop Home windows or macOS computer, and also you really use that computer to experience Fortnite.

To make use of this process, you will need a Home windows or macOS computer that’s able to play Fortnite along with a fast Web connection.

Slow network speeds, your Chromebook hardware, as well as your Home windows or macOS computing devices all can change up the efficiency of Fortnite that way. Although this method works, your general performance is going to be worse than should you be just using your Home windows or macOS computer.

Here is how to experience Fortnite on the Chromebook using Chrome Remote Desktop:

  1. Setup Chrome Remote Desktop on the computer able to play Fortnite.
  2. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop application in your Chromebook.
  3. Making use of your Chromebook, connect with your Home windows or macOS computer and enter your PIN, if motivated.
  4. Open the Epic Games Store and launch Fortnite.
  5. Play Fortnite through Chrome Remote Desktop.

Why Does not Fortnite Focus on Chromebooks?

Epic decides which platforms to produce Fortnite on, and they have selected to not support Chrome OS or Linux. Which means there’s no official method to play Fortnite on the Chromebook even though you install and operate a full form of Linux.

If Epic ever decides to aid Linux, then running the Linux Fortnite application is going to be the easiest method to play Fortnite in your Chromebook. For now, you may either sideload the Fortnite Android application or play using Chrome Remote Desktop linked to a pc that’s able to play how to play fortnite on chromebook.

Since Epic does not formally support sideloading the Fortnite Android application on Chromebooks, compatibility is not excellent. You have to be in a position to run Android apps, you’ll need a 64-bit processor and Chrome OS 64-bit, and also you need a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. Should you meet all individuals needs, it might work.


Exactly why is Fortnite no longer working?

If Fortnite isn’t working, there’s likely a problem together with your Epic Games Launcher, which developed the most popular movie game. There are lots of methods to trobleshoot and fix the launcher: check its server status page, pressure-close this program and reopen it, obvious its web cache, improve your graphics motorists, disable your anti-virus and firewall program, or reinstall the launcher.

How can you get Fortnite with an iPhone?

If you are attempting to download Fortnite in your iPhone the very first time, we’ve not so good news for you personally: The most popular fight royale game is not on the iOS Application Store. As a result, there isn’t any method to download it the very first time. If you’ve downloaded it in your iPhone, though, you are able to snap it up in the My Purchases tab to re-download it.

How can you improve your Fortnite name?

To modify your Fortnite name, sign in to Epic Games, visit Account, and choose nowhere pencil icon to edit your display name. You are able to just have to change your display name every two days, and you’ll want a verified current email address to do this.

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