How to See Previously Liked Posts on Instagram

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This short article explains how you can view posts you’ve formerly loved on Instagram.

How to locate Your Most Lately Loved Instagram Posts

  • Open your Instagram application and register for your requirements. Then adopt these measures to locate a listing of formerly loved posts.
  • Within the lower-right corner, tap the profile icon.
  • Within the upper-right corner, tap recption menus icon (three lines).
  • Choose Your Activity.
  • Road to Your activity option in Instagram

Select Interactions.

Tap Loves to open a screen of the newest likes. The default would be to display the likes from newest to earliest.

Scroll lower for older likes or tap Sort & filter to specify to start dating ? range or sort from earliest to newest.

  • Instagram road to all of the previous Likes
  • How to View Previous Likes
  • Being able to view posts you’ve formerly loved is appropriate for several things. Return to view what you’ve already loved so that you can:
  • Find new accounts to follow along with from posts you’ve loved formerly.
  • Read a post’s lengthy caption that you simply did not have enough time to see whenever you loved it.
  • Find out more comments to check out attorney at law on the particular publish to supplement people it within their feeds.
  • Leave a remark of your on the publish that you simply loved but did not have enough time to type something out right now.
  • Revisit useful information you need to take a look at at length later-just like a product, service, contest, exercise routine, recipe, makeup tutorial, or anything else.

That which you likes on Instagram is not only a friendly gesture to allow the poster know you agree to their publish. It is a advantageous method to bookmark stuff that are intriguing and valuable enough to check out again.

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Limitations to Revisiting Loved Posts

Based on Instagram’s Help page, you’ll only have the ability to begin to see the 300 newest posts (pics and vids) you’ve loved. That’s still a great deal, but when you are an Instagram power user who likes countless posts each day or else you want to consider something loved several days ago, you might be at a complete loss.

Loved posts are displayed should you loved them when using the Instagram mobile application or Instagram on the internet. However, you are able to only see loved posts within the application. It’s unclear or no posts you loved via a third-party application for Instagram like Iconosquare appear, but when it does not work with Instagram’s web platform, likely, it will not work with third-party apps either.

Should you commented on the photo or video but did not like it, there is no strategy for finding it again should you lose it. You’ll only have the ability to see posts you’ve loved by tapping the center button (or double-tapping the publish) around the Likes screen.
So if you wish to have the ability to revisit a publish later, make certain you hit that heart button, even when your primary intention would be to leave a remark.

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How can you remove posts you loved on Instagram?

If you will no longer wish to just like a publish, open that publish and tap the center icon to unlike it. This removes it in the Likes list.

  • How can you see posts others have loved on Instagram?
  • Pick a specific publish and tap “X likes” to determine everyone who loved that publish.
  • How can you hide likes on Instagram?

If you won’t want to begin to see the final amount of likes and thoughts about posts using their company accounts, visit Settings > Privacy > Posts and switch the Hide Like and examine Counts toggle to On. To cover so on counts by yourself posts, get into your feed and tap the 3 dots alongside a publish and select Hide like count.

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