How to Share a YouTube Video at Specific Time


This short article explains how you can share a particular amount of time in a YouTube video on the desktop browser, info on a workaround for cellular devices, and the way to create a manual timestamp.

How to produce a Connect to a particular Amount of time in a YouTube Video

Linking to some specific amount of time in a YouTube video is a superb trick for when you wish to exhibit a specific segment of the video-particularly if the video is lengthy and also the part that you would like to talk about comes several minutes after it starts playing.

It’s not hard to connect to the precise a part of any YouTube video on the desktop browser. Visit, discover the video YouTube start at time you need to share, and follow these instructions.

  • Click Share directly underneath the video.
  • Within the pop-up box, look into the box alongside Start at.
  • Go into the time you would like the recording to begin. The right time may be listed should you pressed the proportion button in the exact moment you would like the recording to begin.
  • Select Copy to repeat time-placed URL. You may observe that the hyperlink altered to incorporate additional figures. These extra figures are utilized to tell YouTube to connect to the particular time that chose.
  • Paste the hyperlink wherever you would like or select the social share buttons to talk about it. Anybody who opens your link will start watching the recording when you specified.

Connect to a particular Amount of time in a YouTube Video by Developing a Timestamp

You are able to by hand connect to a particular amount of time in a relevant video with the addition of ?t=00m00s towards the finish of the short YouTube link. Replace 00m using the minute marker and switch the 00s using the second marker. For extended URLs that curently have an issue mark within the URL, add an ampersand (&): &t=00s.

Timestamping Videos Shorter Than A Single Minute

When the video does not go for over one minute, you are able to leave the “00m” portion from it. For instance, the hyperlink becomes whenever you give a time marker for this to begin at 42 seconds.

Timestamping Videos More Than About A Minute

For lengthy videos, hrs are supported, too, using 00h and, as needed, 00s. For instance:

https://world wide

YouTube causes it to be fast and simple enough that you simply should not need to do this by hand whatsoever, there is however no harm in mastering anyway. Knowing the salt water evaporates by hand also provides you with a much better knowledge of what individuals extra figures mean.

Share a hyperlink to some Specific Amount of time in a YouTube Video

Around the official YouTube mobile application for android and ios devices, you may notice that you have a share button that enables you to definitely copy the recording link and share it to social apps, but no Start at check box or field. This selection is just available whenever you see a youtube start at time from the internet browser.

So if you wish to connect to a particular amount of time in a YouTube video while using the your smartphone, you’ve got a handful of options:

Open the recording out of your browser application, like Chrome, and alter the browser’s settings in order that it loads YouTube’s desktop site instead of its mobile version (choose Desktop site from Chrome’s menu). Then, stick to the steps as they are in the above list to produce time-placed URL.

Why Linking to some Specific Time Matters

Online users have short attention spans, so forcing anyone to view a 4- or 5-minute video in which the best portion does not start before the midway mark could be enough to ensure they are quit and impatiently close the recording from frustration.

YouTube hosts a large number of videos worth discussing that may be several minutes or several hrs lengthy (they are the most popular 10-hour videos). If you are discussing a relevant video of the hour-lengthy speaking in public presentation on Facebook, your buddies will appreciate that you simply from the exact amount of time in the recording when something interesting is going on.

More and more people are watching YouTube using their cellular devices now more than ever before (which largely explains the shorter attention spans). They do not have enough time to sit down via a extended introduction along with other irrelevant bits prior to getting to the good things.

When you choose to talk about a relevant video in a specific time, viewers can restart the recording if they would like to watch the whole factor, so you are not doing anybody an injustice by linking to some relevant point. The YouTube video player starts buffering and playing whenever you set with no modification towards the video.


How do you add timestamps to my YouTube videos?

Inside your YouTube Studio, visit Content and select a relevant video. Within the description, add a summary of timestamps and titles starting with 00:00. To include automatic timestamps, select Show more > Allow automatic chapters.

How do you share my private YouTube videos?

Inside your YouTube Studio, visit Content and select a personal video. Then, look into the Visibility box and choose Share independently to talk about your YouTube video.

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