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In this article, I am gonna show you everything about MegaPersonals, similar a dating site.

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What Is MegaPersonals ?

Mega personals is a free online dating site. it is clear that time is more valuable to many people than money. If you offer a free premium service that saves time and is paid by people, you will be asked for billing information.

This site is very easy to use because it is much easier than walking down the street every day. Most of the men on this site were rich, generous, and kind gentlemen. It has several regular customers who are very valuable, well-behaved, educated and so on.

This site works like most classified sites. Once you’ve created a profile, you simply add it to your list or respond to your list of interests. Mega Personals don’t bother with all the other lame things that some classified sites do.

If you are looking for a used car or couch, this is not the place. However, this is the place if you are looking to lay down and get some ass.

The Megapersonals user community is married, unmarried, couple, and any other combination you can think of. You don’t have to worry about running away with your neighbor on this site unless your neighbor is crazy too.

For the most part, I have found people on the site looking for another partner as single but there were all sorts of options.

Why can you Try Megapersonals ?

The whole reason Mega Personal came to the scene was that Craigslist removed their personals section.

The law on sex workers has been tightened and it seems very risky to maintain this section of their site by advertising them on Craigslist on the Internet. While laws are trying to claim that they are doing this to protect sex workers, these laws put sex workers at greater risk than ever before. When such laws are passed, sex workers are forced to take to the streets.

This site allows sex workers to find clients online, review clients, and find their own clients much safer. When workers are forced into the streets they often have to get pimps and they are much more at risk of being killed or damaged. This site also categorize some workers as a way to find clients in safe and secure places.

People are horny and other people want to mingle with them. What happens between two consenting adults is not someone’s business, whether the arrangement is out of convenience or exchanged. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pay for sex and there is nothing wrong with wanting to pay for it.

Now, You are using this.. but, How To Remove An Ad From the Megapersonals site?

Probably, you only access this website for your personal, non-commercial use. If you do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, you deserve the right to change the restrictions or revoke your entry. If you comply, you agree to be in full compliance with all applicable laws when you access this website.

It is your responsibility to periodically review the site and the Policy. To continue using the Site, I will post changes to this Agreement, and these changes are binding on you even if you do not read them. If you do not agree with the change, the only remedy is to block access to the website.

If you do so, your actions may be a violation of our rights or the rights of third parties and may terminate this Agreement. Furthermore, our use of trademarks or links on third-party proprietary websites does not imply that third parties endorse or link to this website. I approve and recommend owners of third-party trademarks displayed on our website.

Can you trust Mega Personals?

In my opinion, you can trust mega personalities. For one, the site can be used for free. Most of the sites that are trying to scam you pay in advance or for the most basic services. Even knowing that a premium version is available, we didn’t really know where to buy it.

This site makes it clear that they are not trying to impose their proposals on you. You can view free profiles on this site. Where there are many other dating sites will have a free version but when you want to send a message they will start charging. By the way, Don’t worry about this.

The main thing that makes us think you can trust this site is that the scam advisers voted for them as credible. This website, Megapersonals has always been considered a watchdog in the internet community. Approval badges are hard to come by and they definitely don’t just give it to any site.

MegaPersonals only allow people whose age is above 21 years old, that is the reason, i and you can trust on this site.  If this site is using their site and they do not care about what specifically allows 21 older people to use their site. This extra caution limits their site users but can protect young users from dangerous situations.

So, having checked all this, I can say, you can trust Mega Personals. But, This depends on you. I recommend you justify this site on your side.

Sign Up Process in Megapersonals

Creating an account on Mega Personal is very easy and even better it is free! Just use an email address to sign up and select a username.

These certificates have not been verified so you can use whatever you want. There are some premium options that you can give access to but we didn’t really get any information about what the purse was to upgrade to premium.

Once you are fully set up you can start scrolling lists related to what you are looking for. If at the beginning you select a certain sexual orientation but it has changed since then you can go back and update your selection.

Once you see someone you are interested in and go ahead and click on their profile and contact them as you say. You have the option of e-mailing Mega Personals but some people prefer to communicate in other ways.

Advantage and Disadvantages of using Megapersonals


  • Mega Personals site is fully free to use for all the features.
  • Scam Advisor reported that this is a Trusted site.
  • There are plenty of options for different types of sexual preferences.
  • Lists are for local members so you can find people in your actual town


  • You can not find a super-wide selection on this site. Because not a ton of people are using this.
  • Emails are not encrypted so you need to set up your own personal email for this service.
  • Some people talk about being catfish or think they are going to meet someone and show off to another person.
  • Like any site where you can hire staff, the police may be ready to arrest you. Try to check before meeting people to avoid awkward running with the law.

Pricing MegaPersonals

Quite free to use MegaPersonals. The free version has everything you really need to meet people. Also, there is a premium version of the site. I didn’t figure out what it would cost to upgrade but apparently, the advantage is that you get a more secure account. Your profile can get a badge to indicate that you have been verified to trust you and can send you more messages.

Why Aren’t the Megapersonals Not Working in the United States?

Since the backpage, the online MegaPersonals service, the company shut down in 2018, a new similar website,, is growing rapidly.  People on the site will probably get the same interest as you, but other than that, they will only be people living in your area.

If you are one of those people who is just trying to find someone who is with you today, you should know a few things before you try to join an international dating site. If you choose a free or personal dating service, you can first join any dating sites that charge a fee.

From March 21, 2020, the bank was suspended, and undercover police officers had to run ads on websites so that men could respond to ads and meet local women in motels.

If you’re searching for people on individual search pages, you’ll need to spend some time on the Internet. Start with messages and choose between private browsing, personal search and personal profiles, and private messages.

At the time, the U.S. Department of Justice shut down the website because it was being used for trafficking and prostitution of minors.


I hope you really understand what I want to explain about MegaPersonals. It’s a big deal that this site is considered credible by scandal advisers. You won’t have tons and tons of new profiles while using this site but the ones that do have are pretty good options. Be careful whenever you meet someone online on this site.

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